Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What I did on 26th June 2013...

Been playing around with some photo's...

Did this to see some changes.... EEEeeeeekkkk!!!!!  the photo on the left was taken just before Christmas just gone (2013) and the photo on the right was taken yesterday.

I am lets say.... SHOCKED!!! Loving my new photo and image, SO happy :)

Had this today... cute right!  Pepper the pig ha ha tasted nice :)

Ok so not eaten a great deal today... this actually...

Its.. coleslaw, potato salad, mixed fresh salad and calzone cheese pizza.

More photos from our trip on the London eye..

Yes this last one shows me being scared!  It is SO damn high... and once your on it, you got to stay on it!  As it turned out I did like being on it, after I got over the shock of being on it!!! ha ha

Tomorrow, back to the exercise.... BRING IT ON!!! :)


  1. Wow, what a difference. Well done!
    J x

  2. Thank you Joy... still a way to go.. its comments like yours that make me realize I am doing this, I am changing... and I CAN DO THIS!!!
    Thank you x


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