Tuesday, 25 June 2013

OMG... playing catch up!...

So were do I start??? hmmmm well its been a funny old few days!  The last post I made was the day before my birthday, such a long time ago now!  But me being me I feel the urge to do this...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Ha ha even though my birthday has been and gone I like it!   Ah the little things!  I bet your all dying to know what I did for my birthday?!  Well I did have some options thrown at me.. but had to decline... I know what am I like!!  

Well if you recall I had a maths exam in the morning, 9.30 am to 11.30 am.... OMG!!! I was so nervous :(  I know for sure I messed up 1 question, brain went dead and I had no idea of the answer... but I did attempt it.  

After the exam I headed back home and then was told we had to wait 30 minutes before going out!  Hmmm I was thinking why?!  Then Jon smiled at me when there was a knock at the door...

(my beautiful roses)

From Jon with love!  They are so lovely, I still have them, in a vase on my desk.  I also got flowers off my parents (so spoilt!) and as we have the new car and I am forever cleaning it.  My parents got me 5 wash and valets for it, at our local garage!  I loved that!!!  And I had Trevor the treadmill, yes he was early but much appreciated!

So yes back to the story... after the flowers, I got asked where I wanted to go.   Bearing in mind by this point it was about 1.30 pm... time was ticking.  So thinking about it for a few minutes I shouted.... IKEA!! I know I am mental!  Ikea is in Southampton, just over an hour by car.  So off we went!  Han has blogged about our Ikea trip (and other things if you want to take a look!) on her blog... so thought I would send you her link!!...Hannah's Blog, enjoy!

So eating... I did not want a birthday cake... too much temptation to eat it all!! So its been the first year that I did not blow out any candles!  Eating has actually been going really well, I eat SO much less food than before, its actually crazy.  I can honestly say I have not gone off the rails (as predicted by others!), I have been trying really hard and think I am winning now!  Well I know I am...

I dont feel 42... should I ?

You all know I used to be a size 32, ladies 32 in trousers and well been working hard to do something about that!  And well I needed some new jeans and for the hell of it and a just to see... I ordered a size 24 pair of jeans!  OMG I know size 24!! Mental right!!  Well they arrived and they sat on the side all day, looking at me!  I was actually too scared to try them on!! How stupid does that sound, but seriously I was petrified of trying them on, in case I could not get in them.  Han came home, called me a silly fool and told me to try them on!!  That put me in, my place!! ha ha ha  So any way I did and I am over the moon as I now wear size 24!! ha ha ha And to prove no going back Han and I visited the clothing bank and deposited ALL of the not size 24 clothes in there!!

(my actual clothes.... gone!)

I feel much more has happened over the past few days... but in reality... its been pretty quiet!  Today Han and I were up and out heading to London... I know off again!  :)  Way back at the start of the year we both went to The Vitality Show... it was really good and we loved it.  Whilst there we signed up for a photo shoot with Vanity Studios in London.  Obviously had no idea what we were letting ourselves into!   We thought a bit of fun and why not!  And the day finally came around, we were back in London!!

The photo shoot was something we were looking forward to as neither of us had done that before.   We took some clothing with us, bit nothing special, we were going for the casual look!  Our hair and makeup was done... OMG... well I dont wear makeup so OMG shock to the system!  But let me tell you I LOVED IT!!  The photographer was lovely, put us both at ease.  Here are a few... the one of both of us we love as its so natural, us both smiling... my mum is getting a copy of this!

Han.. I love this...its so her!!

Me... well I do actually like this one...

And the both of us...

Please if you like, let me know what you think...  :)

Whilst in London I did try some new food... looks interesting right! 

And OH yes... after the photo shoot we decided to go on the London eye!  The things we do... I only took this naff photo almost at the top... Han took much more, but she has gone to bed as she is tired.  I will no doubt update the photos when I have sorted through them.   We were really quite surprised at how safe we felt.  That sounds odd..bit we did worry a little.  No need to, its an amazing journey and if you have chance to go, DO!!

(On the London eye)

The food, the drink and the exercise is all going well and I cannot wait for my next milestone where I go down another size.  Those wellingtons are getting nearer! 

Back to blogging food tomorrow! :) 

oooh gremlins... just checked my blog and OOOhh what is with the white under the words?  Have no idea how parts of it are like that... or how I change it back... 

Bear with as they say... normal service will resume tomorrow!! ha ha ah a

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