Monday, 3 June 2013

What I did today 3rd June 2013...

Got up today feeling really happy and in a positive mood.  I have no idea why but I was not hungry when I got up.. eating breakfast seems an odd thing to do if your not hungry!

So I had no breakfast!  I think this is probably a bad habit to be in, not sure how to get out of it now?  But do you see my logic?  Why eat if your not hungry? Hmmm

I did do a little spot of shopping today, just went looking for meat really!!  I dont eat enough meat so went for a look!  I found some thinly sliced beef, bought 2 packs so no doubt I will be experimenting with that!  I also bought fresh chicken strips that were marinated in mango and chilli... they should be interesting!  So I found some meat!

Whilst at Tesco there is a Costa and I love the latte's.... but no latte's for me as I am NO coffee's.  Instead I had a red fruit berry iced drink.

Its really tasty and cold!  I did enjoy it but cold not drink it all... here is what I left;

Its becoming a bit of a habit this.. I mean me leaving things!  I just dont get it?  Maybe my brain thinks I can drink/eat it all and my stomach and mouth is saying no, no more!?


OK so this is probably not the best lunch to have... I had about 6 thin slices of baguette, and I dipped them into warm Camembert  with an onion glaze.  This was very filling and tasted really nice too.

Early afternoon:

Herbal tea, green rooibos and honey flavor.


Breast chicken in a curry sauce with mushrooms in rice, served with half a plain nan bread.  This is half a portion as I felt I needed to do something about my portion sizes!  This size was actually really good, I felt like I had eaten dinner, but not over eaten.  I may use this bowl again!

Early evening:

Herbal tea, mango and berry flavor.

Late evening:

Cup a soup, tomato, red pepper and chilli.  Its the first time I have had this cup a soup and well I am not impressed!  Its very powdery in your mouth, even with the water in it!

A little treat!  2 squares of Lindt mint dark chocolate.  I can limit myself to just 2 squares of this, its strong chocolate and I cannot really eat any more in one go.  It is lovely and I do have it in my fridge, I eat it when I feel like it... which is not all the time.


Well my early birthday present got fitted today.  It was delivered over a week ago, sitting on the floor... see we could not assemble it.  Had to wait for some very nice people to assemble it for me.  I have nick named it the beast as it massive!!  Slightly bigger than we expected!   Yes my newest piece of equipment to help me with my journey is a treadmill!

And yes I have been on it!! I could not wait to try it!  It has something that is called 'ifit' where a detachable unit can be programmed by my PC then slotted in the top and holds anything I want.  My husband tried it out by putting the route to my parents house... all 2.3 miles!  I got on it and started walking away... at 4km, so a pretty quick pace.  The treadmill automatically inclines and declines with the actual terrain that is programmed so that part was a surprise!   I did do it though....

36.34 minutes, 2.4 miles at 4 km, I burned 157 calories!!  I was pleased it had a built in fan!  I was awfully hot when I got off it!  But loved it.  I think there will be more posts of what I have done on the beast as its a form of motivation... do it and post it.  Then feel proud and happy with what I have done.

Water (ribena) intake: 2 filled bottles (roughly 2 pints)

My thoughts for the day:

Today looking back at my day I am really shocked.  Shocked at the lack of food!  Gosh how am I not hungry?  This is just plain strange.  I guess if I were hungry I would know right!?  I dont feel it, maybe all this water I am drinking is helping me to feel fuller?  Or maybe I just dont need to eat more?  Dont need to eat more?? Who am I kidding!  I love food, all food!  I obviously need to tell my brain I no longer need to eat loads and heaps of food.  Tough when I get a plate and dish food up, I think I need more and more... how do I get out of this?  I only eat what I need now, I have got used to the full feeling and dont eat over that anymore. So how on earth do I stop piling my plate high?  I guess trying the bowl out restricts the amount I can pile up!  I shall give that a whirl!

Its true I admit it!! I have some OK 3 bars of dark chocolate in my fridge.  I know 3 bars!! OK they are there as a test, I can eat them any time I much as I like.. but I choose to eat only 2 squares when I feel like it.  They may sit in the fridge for weeks before I touch them.  I guess they are a kind of safety blanket for me, see I practically lived on chocolate and jelly sweets and I feel the need to have them around.  I think it strange that I can limit myself to just 2 squares and put the rest back in the fridge.  When I can pile my plate high... where is the logic?

I am trying to enjoy my journey, fun is key!  I want to have fun, start living more, enjoying life.  I have been overweight for far too long and want to do things I have missed out on.   My weight has held me back so many times, enough is enough,  I am going to get into my wellingtons.. I can do this.

not loud enough...


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