Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What I did on the 12th June 2013...

Had to be up early today, Han had to be in college early to put all her things out for her final piece for her course.  I can hardly believe that she has now completed the first year of her course.. one to go!  Then its off to university! WOW!!  Time does fly.


Greek natural yogurt (low fat) with fresh raspberries and blueberries.


1 slice of wholewheat brown bread with 2 eggs scrambled with half a tin of heinz five beanz.


Quarter of a pepperoni pizza.

Late evening:

2 table spoons of rhubarb crumble with 2 table spoons of low fat custard.


Only walking and usual rushing about.

Water (ribena) intake: 1 bottle and 1 decaf coffee.

Thoughts for the day:

To be honest I have not really been that hungry today, so instead of eating large meals just ate little snack ones.  The quarter of pizza for dinner was an idea of mine.  See Han and I both love to eat pizza and thought well how can we but in moderation?   So I bought a frozen pizza, cut it into quarters and wrapped each quarter back up and placed them in the freezer! So now if we really want pizza we can pull out a quarter instead of a whole pizza!  Less temptation!  The idea was to have it with salad so that it would be more satisfying, but I ate the quarter and that was me done!  I could not of fit the salad in I think!  

I have the bloated feeling now, nothing worse as when I am like this I just dont really want to eat.  With rushing about doing things I think I should pay more attention to at least drinking more.. OK, noted!  This whole 'thing' is a right pain and slows me down, holds me up and messes me about.  Sometimes I think why me?  Just let me get on with things!  Damn it!  

Going to see a chap that does something very interesting tomorrow... let you know more tomorrow!

Its almost 11pm, should go to bed really!  May help if I relax a little.... tomorrow is after all another day!  :)

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