Thursday, 27 June 2013

What I did on the 27th June 2013...

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An interesting day me thinks!!  It started off with Jon and I having to go to Chichester!!  I know Chichester!!  Why there your wondering.. Jon had to go to the hospital for a dental appointment.  Things are not simple with a back problem, he cannot sit in the normal dentist chair so the hospital are looking into how they can treat him.  Jon is not looking forward to it as he has a massive needle phobia :(  Thankfully all they did today was asses him, but he will have to go back.  Cross that bridge when the letter drops on the mat me thinks!!

Then we headed back home and decided to go down town seeing as it was a nice day.  And ended up having lunch out.  (And if your wondering... no breakfast today)

This was my lunch, granary bread sandwich with prawns in thousand island sauce with a side salad.

I love prawns and salad so what a great combination!! And granary bread, its OK in small doses!  I have to tell myself its a good choice, better than eating white bread, and I like granary! mmmmmm :)

So sat for a while people watching in the cafe, it was really nice to sit, sip coffee and chill.  Chatted a bit with Jon and we both people watched then!  I never actually realized but there are an awful lot of 'large' people about.  I can see why the government is trying to jump on this.  I could not believe how unfit and large people are.  OMG... I am not judging people, just more of a statement and my opinion.

Got back home and before I knew it Han was in and asking to go to trampolining!!! OMG YES!!! So we got changed and went trampolining!  On the way in we get weighed on the electronic scales and well.... I have lost another 5 pounds :)  Cannot believe it... HAPPY!!!

Something happened this evening when trampolining, that has not happened before.  And well its shocked me a little, and its embarrassing to say the least.  Well maybe by posting it here someone may be able to tell me why it happened?  I mean I could understand it if I had a weak bladder or did not stomach exercises... but I do plenty!! Yes I had a bladder issue, every time I jumped and landed back on the trampoline my bladder opened.  I went to the loo, but did not need to go... I was so embarrassed.  I had to go home and change it was that bad.. but I went back.. with protection!! I think I may have to look at getting some tena ladies just for trampolining?  Oh.. I hope I figure out why this is happening, and its only trampolining its happening on..very puzzled.

Ok back from trampolining and dinner!! Han was hungry so we had something quick.... 

Salmon done 2 ways... garlic and herb and lemon and pepper with mixed salad and coleslaw.

Decided on salmon done 2 ways as could not decide which one to have so ended up having it both ways!!  And well they were OK but preferred the garlic and herb version..note to self... garlic and herb all the way!!

In the evening I had a coffee and Jon was doing something with it... I looked and thought... awe, how sweet.  Can you see it?  He loves me!! :)  And I love him :)

Chilling out this evening... 

Another week gone!

Roll on the weekend :)

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