Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What I did on the 10th June 2013...

A rather ODD day...


2 eggs scrambled with watercress and cherry tomato's with a sprinkle of spring onions.


Nothing... actually forgot to eat as was busy!


Salad with cherry tomato's and red onion.  With a small white potato with 2 table spoons of tuna and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese.

Water (ribena) intake:  1 1/2 bottles and 1 decaf coffee.

Exercise:  See below

Thoughts for the day:

So today has been a rather odd day for me regarding food.  I ate scrambled egg this morning as I thought I may of been hungry about mid morning.. see I was out early.  The reason I was out early was to go for an interview at the college!  Oh not for a job!  To try and get a place on the Maths and English program starting September.  I had to do and Maths and English test... I dislike taking tests :(  Well as it happens I was informed that I will be notified by letter but would be offered a place!! YEAH!! I am really happy.

I left school so long ago and well I think I should bring myself up to date.  Hence why I went to the college to see if I can get on the program!  GO ME!!

When I left the college I went to pick up Han and then we went to ASDA!  Han needed to return something, no food shopping, no no!! Oh but I did buy some clothes pegs!  Dont know where all mine are going?  Maybe some hedgehog 'borrows' them during the night? ha ha That would be funny!

Then well after I got home from ASDA, I picked Jon up and all 3 of us went to bingo!! We love it!  Han has just got into it, well only just turned 18!!  She really likes it, this evening Jon won... just £10, a win is a win!  And well the tickets are not expensive so why not!

Yesterday I ate a load of sweet sugary things, today... nothing!! hmmmm I am just not hungry today, no urge to eat sweet things, just nothing really!  But I do still have stomach/abdomen cramps, very unpleasant.  I hope they go soon as I want to use Trevor again.  Damn it, I am going on Trevor tomorrow, I can walk slower than I normally do and see how that goes?  Can but try.

So its nearly 1 am and here I am writing up my blog!  I am a little mental right!?  I wanted to catch up and do this.  Knowing that I am writing down everything that goes in my mouth is a real test.. and believe me I put everything I eat on my blog too.  If I did not what good would that be?  I have to be honest with myself, to try top understand why I eat the things I do.  Or I will learn nothing.  

Note to self... DRINK MORE!!! :)

Tomorrow is another day....

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