Friday, 7 June 2013

What I did on the 7th June 2013...

Goodness a busy day today!  

You know how I have not been drinking coffee... and I might add been doing really well :)  

I went to my maths class this morning and the college has a Costa...hmmm you think I gave in!  Nope!! Well I did in a way! ha ha I just fancied a coffee but opted for the caffeine free latte, which is made with skimmed milk.  It tasted no different, I watched the lady make it and it was made different coffee so I know it was caffeine free.  


Caffeine free skimmed latte with fruits of the forest snack bar.  (Bit like garabaldi biscuits but with fruits of the forest)


I did not eat lunch as was not hungry, I had this around 4 pm ish... when stopped for a breather shopping in M&S.  Its a hibiscus berry iced tea drink with 3 squares of dark chocolate. (Han ate the other squares).


Breast chilli chicken shredded with mixed tossed salad.  In the salad I have, cherry tomato, cucumber, spring onion, baby gherkin, baby silver skin onions, feta cheese, carrot, watercress, boiled egg, 3 different lettuce.  Drizzled with ceaser salad dressing.

Late evening:

Decaf coffee, made with skimmed milk.

Apple.  Was nice!  First one I have eaten in a while!


Actually took a rest day today!  I mean an actual rest day!  I was still running about doing all my usual house things, but I did not take part in any further exercise.

Water (ribena) intake: 2 bottles 

My thoughts for the day:

Today a busy day from the moment I got up.  I was up and out early as I had maths at the college.  Never thought I would ever say this but I enjoyed maths today!  Fractions all ways, revision for my exam on the 21st.  Feeling a bit nervous about that, hope I pass it... well I have 2 chances as I am taking it early, if I dont quite make the grade for that I can have another go!  Fingers crossed I pass it first time.

Then I got a call from Han, picked her up from college as she had to rush out to a charity shop, the other size of town to buy a load of random clothes for her art project.  So went straight to the college and ran Han about, she got what she wanted then dropped her back at college.

After dropping Han I had to then rush to my GP surgery as I had an appointment with a nurse.  Oh dont worry nothing wrong with me!  I just wanted to start a weekly weigh in with the nurse to keep on top of things.  And thought I might be able to pick up a few pointers to!

Then it was back home, washing to do, cleaning and then sit down.. not for long as then I had to pick Han up from college and pop into Tesco for a few things.  Then home to cook the dinner!  Its non stop!!

But whilst we were waiting for the chicken to cook Han and I went to M&S and NEXT at Home in Brighton for a spot of window shopping.  We left at about 5.30pm and got back just after 9 pm!  I know what are we like!  Well I did treat Han to some new underwear.  Talking of underwear... this is shocking but I used to be in a size 32 knickers!  Shocking!  Well I was in M&S and Han encouraged me to buy some new knickers, so I did... size 24! A bit of a difference!  Got home and tried them on, they are too big!  very loose, thought I would stick with them and see how I go... 

A damn busy day!  Did not do any actual exercise but did plenty walking and rushing about!

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