Sunday, 9 June 2013

What I did on the 8th June 2013...

Thought about having a lie in this morning! What ever!! It seems my body clock does not like to sleep in!  So was up early...


Natural low fat yogurt with fresh raspberries and blueberries with a sprinkle of flaked almonds.


A small handful of chopped almonds.


This is a home made enchilada with spicy breast chicken.  With green leaf salad and a drizzle of ceaser dressing.

This is what the whole dinner looked like... I had one from the very top.  First time I have made this, and well it was not that bad actually.  It was really tasty.

Early evening:

Decaf coffee.

Small fruit pot, with strawberry, melon, grapes, apple and orange.  Thats a tea spoon, so it only a little pot packed with loads of different fruit.


Went on Trevor (treadmill) and wanted to do the 12% incline training so Jon worked it out and it needed to be set at an incline of 3.  So I did the walk at the rate of 4 and an incline of 3... OMG sweat!! I felt this one!!

I was plodding along and swinging my arms and DOH knocked the emergency plug out.  I knew what I had done as I had just told Jon, 15 minutes... damn it!! So had to start again and did another 15 minutes.  Jon says just to times this one by 2 and that would give my totals.

So I walked a total of just over 2 miles and burned 174 calories!  :)  And boy do I feel good!

Jon has done some research and found that if I eat a handful of fresh berries ie: raspberries and blueberries this will help me recover.  Its something to do with antioxidants, all good things so thought I would give it a go.

Water (ribena) intake: 2 bottles

My thoughts for the day:

What have I done today??? erm... nothing!  Seriously nothing!  I am a little shocked as I normally get up to something!  Odd doing nothing.

And again... looking at what I have eaten, surely I am missing something out?  Essential vitamins?  I have no clue really... so for the next week I will be writing down what I eat too, to take to the nurse who I see on a Friday.  Maybe she can shed some light on where I may be going wrong? Or maybe I am not?!

Hmmm the knickers...well I wore one of the new ones today... all I have been doing all day is pulling them up!  Seriously shocked a little that they are too big!  So I have gone down... 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, 22... I think a 22 would of fit better!  Note to self buy size 22 knickers!! And that is a whopping 6 sizes!!! OMG!!

Jon, my research person! Has found out many benefits if I start to eat half and avocado a day.  They are very good, a super food that promotes healthy living and helps keep joints, heart and skin to name a few healthy.  So I will be buying some avocado tomorrow!  

I did go to sort some 'old' things in the garage... OMG I found an old photo album.  Arrrghhh is what I said when I opened it and saw the photos!  Its from 2000, photos of me and Han... OMG I look like I am wearing a tent in most of them.  I was huge.. the album is over my mums at the moment.  So when I get it I will scan some photos in and show you.... I am SO not proud of the way I looked, but I know I will NEVER go back to looking like that EVER.  The photos did shock me, and shocked me enough to think I can and am doing this!!

Not that I did not believe that before, looking at the photos has made me realize how bad I want to change.  


  1. Wow - your body shape must be really changing now! Keep up the fantastic work!
    Ruth C

  2. Hi... yes I can see changes, my waist is smaller but I still have what I call a tyre! Getting there! :)


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