Wednesday, 19 June 2013

what I did on the 19th June 2013...

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Small bowl of Shreddies with skimmed milk.


2 slices of Free From seeded bread with half a tin of chopped tomato's with black pepper.

2 table spoons of Organic fat free strawberry and rhubarb yogurt with a handful of blueberries.

BBQ prawns with chilli marinade, breast chicken skewers with garlic and herb marinade and sweet chilli marinade. (did not eat all of this!!)


Had a fitness session this morning at 8 am!  Goodness, I was boxing this morning!  Never thought I would ever do that!  Well OK I guess you call it sparring?!  Really good on the arms and makes you sweat!  Did exercise bike and ski stepper too....and a lot of crunches!!

Water Intake: 3 bottles!!! Go me!! and 1 coffee.

Thoughts for the day:

Well Han and I both got up this morning!  Seriously thought we would have problems, but we were actually fine.  Arrived did an amazing session, sweated heaps... Han then showered and I took her to college.  She likes exercising in the morning apparently as it gives her heaps of energy for the rest of the day!? Hmm we shall see how long that lasts! 

Me.. well after I dropped Han at college I was actually falling asleep!  I know how bad is that!! So I went back to bed, did not even have the energy to shower!  So cat napped for about 1 and half hours and then got up, stripped the bed and showered.  Did all the laundry and before I knew it I was off picking Han up again!! None stop!!  

In the evening I decided to have a BBQ, just spur of the moment kind of thing, as usual!  So it was a quick trip to Tesco for some chicken and prawns!  Something about the smell of a BBQ... takes me back to my childhood.  

Tomorrow is set to be a busy day, another session at 8.30 am tomorrow!!   Then I have to go back to the college to get my hair sorted out.  Whilst running Han about, of course!  Oh yes and at some point to do some last minute revision for my maths exam on Friday.  My house is going to be a mad house tomorrow, I have workmen in my bedroom repairing the ceiling from a leak from upstairs.  So no doubt there will be dust and mess everywhere.

Things are Happy and smiley :) 

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