Saturday, 29 June 2013

What I did on the 29th June 2013...

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Got up feeling VERY positive knowing I am heading in the right direction again.  I guess yesterday I was thinking about things, a reality check up!  This whole journey of mine losing weight is tough, any one who thinks its easy is kidding themselves.  I have had ups, downs, illness and a whole other load of mixed emotions so far!  I guess for me it learning to handle all that and come through the other side.  And for me the key is to learn from things I do.

Breakfast today was a light one and refreshing.  Scrambled egg with half a sliced red apple.

Off out to the town for a wander about and possibly a coffee!! :)  Oh and some people watching again!!  Will post some more photo's later...

Have a nice day :)  Stay positive.

Right I went down town, Jon and Han came too... the sun was out and not too much of a breeze... it was pleasant.  Walked about, went in some shops.. some how I helped fuel Han's obsession in buying her another mascara!  OMG.... got conned again!  Hmmm  I tell you its an obsession.. a new one comes out and she has to try it.. and me.. I buy it! ha ha my own fault really agreeing to buy it! Damn!!

So then we sat at our favorite cafe and watched the world go by, drinking coffee and had a bite to eat.  Had my favorite... Granary bread sandwich with prawn salad (hmmm I see a pattern here.. didn't I have that the other day!?) 

And yes I had started to eat it when I realized I needed to take a photo for my blog!  You think I would do it automatically... appears not!!

After a nice break (lunch) we set off again.  I was after a summery skirt, you know a cool pretty one long enough to cover me up and still look casual.  Well OMG we searched everywhere!  I dont know why I torture myself but I always go into Evans.

Evans for me is major... see at my largest I could not even shop in there!  I see Evans as the shop that 'fat' or 'larger' people go to to buy their clothes as they cannot shop any where else.. for no other reason.  And I am that person that has used Evans for years and years...too many to mention.  Its like a security blanket I guess.... I know I can buy clothes there so that is why I go there!  Hmmm but I dont like the image that sends.. being large you shop at Evans!  I want to shop everywhere... and one day I will!

So yes... side tracked there!  In Evans and looking for a skirt... OMG! Nothing!  I mean not one summer looking.. the only one yes the only skirt I found was a navy and white polka dot skirt... it looked like something my mum would wear!  Not for me!!  The more I look at the clothes in Evans I think that... they are not 'young' styles and some are very impractical for larger sizes.  

I have 'larger' than life arms.. they are reducing but slowly... I tried on a size 22/24 t-shirt and fit perfectly in the body and bust but OMG the arms were SO wrong!  I need my sleeves to sop just before my elbow to make me feel comfortable.  T-shirts in Evans seem to be ridiculously short in the arms for some reason?  So I was ecstatic that I fit into a 22/24 but that soon went as I could not buy it due to my arms :(  

Reading that back I should be SO proud of myself.. 22/24 OMG !! OMG!! I remember Christmas just gone where I could not fit into a size 30!  I must be dropping inches, and that is great. 

There are times I feel no different.. when that happens I go into the bedroom and put some clothes on that I used to wear... saying that Han made me throw it all out!  I did manage to keep a pair of old checkered shorts!  Oh I never wore them out, I am not totally mental!! They were for house use only!  So these shorts... when I bought them, my legs were very tight in the legs they are a size 30!! And well I still wear them around the house... I have them on now!  (no sorry no photo of that... no courage just yet!  maybe later!)  So yes I wear them to feel good!  To remind me I am doing good and how much weight I have lost so far!

The do hang off me, I have safety pins in both sides of my waist band as they just fall down!  The legs are massive and I guess if I tried I could put both my legs into one of the shorts legs!  Now that would be funny!  The butt hangs off me too.. Han thinks its really funny when I wear them.. but they give me such a boost :)  I would recommend doing that too if you need a constant reminder of how far you have come!  IT works a treat!

So enought rambling, guess you want to know what I had for dinner?  Hmmm well I was not hungry this evening for some reason?  So thought I would cook... yes cook something.  Well I have been thinking for a while about wholewheat scones, or something like that to have as a filling snack.  So I went in the kitchen and experimented!

I found some basic ingredients on an American site.. see I measure everything in cups, its so much easier to do.  This is what I used:

Wholewheat Scones
2 cups of wholewheat flour
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp butter
1 egg
1 1/4 cup skimmed milk

Then decided to add flaked almonds and dried strawberries and dried cherries and a small amount of dark chocolate drops- not sure of the quantity... a handful of it all I guess!

I baked them on 160/180 until golden brown.  

And then let them go cold and tasted... and I was actually pleasantly surprised!  Really nice, great for mid morning, or breakfast on the go.  

I ate 2 and OMG filling!! Really filling.  So that is why I have had no evening meal! 

I did even think about adding cheese!  Hmmm not such a good idea!  I would have to put loads in to taste it.. then it kind of defeats the object of being healthy!  Maybe try the cheese for Jon?  Maybe...

Oooh yes a photo...

I used the american trick of getting them all 'round'!  I put the mixture into a muffin tin, and they rose perfectly in their own space.  They are not huge and they are not small in my opinion.  Saying that they are not the size of a muffin you buy in the shops!  Oh no.. much smaller.  Hope that makes sense?

As I spent the day out tomorrow I will be resuming cleaning the house!  The kitchen is not quite finished so will be finishing off that... and more washing!!  I just love washing.. its never ending.

Until tomorrow..... 

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