Monday, 17 June 2013

What I did on the 17th June 2013...

Its Monday and I was still in bed, lounging about at 11 am this morning! ha ha first time ever and it did feel odd but good at the same time!

Well guess your wondering where the last 2 days are?!  No I did not go on a bender! Ha chance would be a fine thing!  My email account was not working apparently something to do with the switch over from hotmail to outlook?  I dont know, all I know is that I could not access my mail account.  This is a problem as I take the photo's on my iphone then email them to myself and then save them to a file on my PC.  I guess I could look at trying to upload them a different way in case this happens again.  Fear not it was just a minor hiccup! 


Small bowl of shreddies with skimmed milk.


Fresh green salad with cherry tomato's, cucumber, spring onion and avocado.  A pot of tuna light lunch, mixed into salad.

                                                              (To see larger, just click!)

Early evening:

Krave cereal (pillows filled with dark chocolate!) with dried cherries, dried strawberries and chopped almonds.


Lasagna and salad.


So at 3.30 pm Han and I went along to see someone that is going to help us with our weight loss.  A very nice chap who basically beasts us!! Today he did an assessment to find out what level we are at, he also took our measurements and weighed us too.  And every 2 weeks he will give us feed back on how we are doing.  

Today's session he basically watched our heat rates whilst we moved around the machines... treadmill, exercise bike, ski stepper and a glider.  Han thought the ski stepper felt like roller skating up stairs!  We basically did 4 -5 minutes on each thing.... sounds simple right?!  Damn well not!  Especially when the 'nice' chap is changing the tension and incline!  Both Han and I were sweating a lot!  Our next session is 8.00 am Wednesday!  OMG 8. 00 am!! Han does not do mornings, she is so not going to like this!  

Water: 2 bottles

Thoughts for the day:

Something I have noticed, I eat my food a lot slower... I drink fluid before and during too.  I can honestly say it takes me longer too.  Do you think this is because I am more aware of what I am eating?  Interesting you think?

We are both feeling very positive about our new exercise venture.  Sure I will still use my treadmill and we will still go to trampolining... its fun!!  And if I am totally honest having someone telling us both now do this, come on a bit longer.. that type of thing, we love it!  It is motivation we lack,we know this... lost it somewhere!  We are hoping to get it back with some help.  And this chap is going to help us get fitter for the race for life we do in about 6 weeks I think! eeeekkk!!!

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