Thursday, 13 June 2013

What I did on the 13th June 2013...

Today is a new day and I was adamant n doing some form of exercise today!  And its Thursday so that mean trampolining day!! yippppeeee 


Rolled oats with dried strawberries, cherries, almonds chopped and flaked.


Apple (and forgot to take a photo, but a cherry bakewell tart too)


Broccoli, leek and cabbage soup, with a table spoon of fromage frais mixed in.

Fresh green salad with spring onions, yellow pepper, cucumber, cherry tomato and tuna.  With a drizzle of salad dressing.

Plain chicken breast.


Trampoline session for 1 hour jumping on the trampoline.

Water (ribena) intake: 2 bottles and 1 small coffee.

Thoughts for the day:

Still feeling a little bloated so tried to eat things light but filling today.  I just love the rolled oats on the morning as the cherries and strawberries are sweet and it tastes so good!!  

Helped Han tidy up her room again today!  Stripped all her bed (its a double with a mattress that weighs a tonne!)  and now it resembles a 'normal' room again! ha ha  That practically took all morning, in the afternoon Jon and I went out as he had a hospital appointment with the pain clinic.. scary stuff!  No its not that bad!  We had a coffee in the hospital cafe and that is where I had the cherry bakewell.. I was lagging a little come nearly 5 pm so thought the sugar kick would do me good.  And well there was not a 'healthy' option so picked what I fancied!  It did the job, picked me up and I carried on!

Got back to the house with enough time to get changed and then jump in car to go to trampolining!  All go!!  Loved trampolining this evening, learned some new moves and feel really good I did.  Apparently the moves we are doing on the trampoline are specifically for your core body... great I so need help there!

Came back from trampolining and could not decide of tuna or chicken... so opted for both!  The soup if your wondering, yes rather odd but full of iron for me!  Could only eat half a bowl as its very intense, but tasted good.  All that is in it is water, cabbage, broccoli and leek oh and a dash of black pepper!  

I am pleased with what I ate today as I only ate when I was hungry and light things as being bloated you just dont feel like eating anything.  I am going to try to listen to 'me' a bit more, I have to be careful though as I dont want to keep eating sugary foods.  I need to maybe carry some nuts around in my bag for those times I need a little something.

Oh guess what... another busy day tomorrow!! ha ha ah 

Its Friday tomorrow so that means its maths :)

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