Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What I did on the 11th June 2013...

Tuesday, it passes quick when your not watching!  So wanted to start eating avocado so bought some and am experimenting!  I love experimenting with food, keeps things interesting!


1 slice of wholewheat brown bread (no butter or marge) with 2 scrambled egg on top.  With half a tin of Heinz baked five beanz.


Chopped carrot, baby gherkin, baby onion and 4 feta squares.  

2 Finn crisp bread with dip.  The dip is 1 small avocado blended with 3 cherry tomato's. (yes it looks 'different' but tasted yummy!)


No dinner - see below


See below

Water (ribena) intake: 1 ish!

My thoughts for the day:

Goodness, the day started well and I thought I was OK.  But literally just after lunch I started to get really bad cramps and could not do anything.  So the rest of the day was pretty much written off... had to lie down when I could.  I dosed myself up with medication and that eased it a bit.  Had an early night and hoped things would improve for tomorrow.

I must start to take the spatone apple iron supplements tomorrow, just to prepare myself for the worst.  Sometimes I think why do us women have to go through this?! hmmm

When I am like this and in pain the last thing I want to do is eat... hence why I had no dinner!  And being in the way I was I could hardly partake in any activity with Trevor!  (Trevor is the treadmill remember not some fancy man I have!) ha ha ha

Tomorrow.... maybe a better day?

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