Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What did I do on the18th June 2013...

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So I found these words and thought Hmmmm maybe!  I try to stay positive and strong, I need to, to get me through this!  Anyone that says its easy are just plain liars!  I knew when I started it would not be easy... I have had some health issues, but I bounced back!  And I feel that is the key, to bounce back, say to yourself "come on, you can do this".  And do it for yourself, you have to WANT it.  

Its Tuesday and I went to the hairdressers today!  High light (ha ha) of my day!  Seriously!! OMG what am I like!  Yes I had high lights! It was done at my college by students, which I think is an amazing thing to do.  Unfortunately my roots were not covered so I have to go back Thursday.. so no photo until then!  Han had her hair re-coloured.. yes two tone pink!  What else!!  I will up-load both our photo's tomorrow.

Also went to see Han's exhibition for her first years work.  And let me tell you.. OK its an art course and each person has their own idea of what art is.  But OMG!! Some were so off the wall I just did not see what they were getting at!  Han's one was very inspiring as she designed it around recycling clothes, I hope she gets a good mark for it.




Left over square of lasagna from yesterday!  It looks huge but its not really, its a small bowl.


2 eggs scrambled with half a tin of chopped tomato's.  With 3 rivita's.


50 crunches with help from the exercise ball.

Water: 2 bottles and 1 coffee.

Thoughts for the day:

I have not been hungry today, and well why eat if your not!  I know we have to eat, so I ate something light for dinner.  And now I am satisfied, wonder why that is?  I mean looking back a few months I would of been stuffing my face with anything in sight!  Is it due to re-training myself when I have eaten enough or is it just realizing I dont actually need anything?  When you have over eaten as much as I have over the years and look at what I eat now its unbelievable!  And shocking!  I do log everything, my daughter Han reminds me to take the photo!! 

We both have another session tomorrow with the 'nice' chap!  At 8 am, that is going to be really funny.  So did some exercise, some as they say is better than none!  And well did not want to over do it as we saw him yesterday.  I love the exercise ball, I do crunches on it and it does not feel like I am, I find it fun to do.  I think with us that is important, keeping the fun enjoyable element in everything we do.  Or we would I know we would, get bored.  Its like the trampolining, we giggle so much doing that I think I need shared in Tena lady! ha ha ha

Drinking is becoming easier, have no idea why, just liking it at the moment.  Oh its still not water!  Its very weak ribena in water, which for me is a break through!  Maybe one day I might progress onto just plain water?  Doubt it!!

Keep smiling... 

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