Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What I did on the 4th June 2013...

What a lovely day, sun is shining and I went out in the car and the temperature said 20 degrees.  Lovely.

Got up and was very aware that I needed to eat breakfast, so did!


Weightwatchers medallion bacon, 1 egg cooked in a little olive oil, 1 hash brownie cooked in the oven and 2 table spoons of baked beans with 4 mini sausages.

In case your thinking WOW that is a massive plate of food for breakfast, its not really!  I took a photo of my hand over the plate, its much smaller than the ones I normally use.

My lovely husband bought these plates and side plates with the bowls for me as they are smaller than the ones we have in the house.  He did buy them some time ago, and I well put them on my welsh dresser and basically looked at them every day!  Silly I know!! So today I decided to use the plates!! I cannot over fill my plate that way!  

Well I am in for a lot of activity today as Han wants her bedroom changing round!  And this is no easy task.  This is when she decided to take the headboard off!!

This is evidence, Han working!

Its now a few hours since Han decided to take the headboard off and we are still no further forward!  I knew we would be at this for a while! OMG!! 

This is Han having a break! Nothing on the walls, everything is piled on the bed!... see next photo!! 

Ah well I have to go and hang the washing out now!  It seems that when Han was tidying her room she found an amazing amount of clothes that need washing!  Oh at least her clothes will be clean!  Hope she sorts it out soon... only she knows where everything is.  I will post a photo when she is finished... if that is today! ha ha

If your wondering about Hans floor, why its bare wood.. its because we are having work done on the wall behind her ( the photo of her sitting in the chair) and waited for this work to be done before we buy carpet.  Its been a long time as all of the wall (behind her in that photo) was covered in damp.  Its now thankfully dried out and contractors will be coming soon to repair and re-paint the walls.  So the carpet has had to wait until that is done.

Oh look.... Hans finished tidy room!  It will look much better with carpet and fresh paint :)


Damn it!! Wanted salad, had none and walked to the shop, not a lettuce leaf in sight :(  So I had 2 slices of white fresh bread (freshly cut) with tuna and 1 slice of cheese.  I cut the sandwich into small squares to give me the illusion of having loads!  It worked as it filled a hole!  


Well I had planned to have beef, trying other meats.  Here is the beef sweet chilli stir fry I made... and DID NOT EAT!! I tasted a bit of beef and could not eat it.  Its the texture, it just feels wrong.  So Han is going to eat my one for lunch tomorrow!

I then got the vegetables out of the fridge and made a quick stir fry whilst I put a chicken breast in the oven.  I still had some sauce left so used the same tomato and sweet chilli sauce.
This is actually what I ate!


Jon downloaded a new routine for the treadmill for me, this is what I did today...

OK so I was on the treadmill for 30 minutes I did just over 2 miles and burned 131 calories!  I started at 4 speed then upped it to 5, daring I know!  See I eventually want to do a jog on there, but at the moment that seems a little scary.

The screen shot has a black back ground as I was walking in the dark!  In my living room!!  Jon was watching the TV and I was quite happy plodding away in the dark!

I also managed to do 30 crunches with the help from my exercise ball.

And I did a 26s hold plank and a 30s hold plank - gosh they are a killer!!

Water (ribena) intake:  3 filled bottles!! A record!! :)

My thoughts for the day: 

I am not impressed with what I ate for lunch, it felt wrong and whilst yes I did like eating it, I knew I should not.  

I am thinking I really need to cut out all the unhealthy foods, OK so I am watching what I am eating.  Its not like I am letting myself go!  Its just that I want to LOSE weight.  I do not want to be treading water and not losing any weight.  So maybe a drastic action but I am going to pick some foods I should be eating, create a menu, rotate it and stick to it.  Then I will stick to the menu and eat what is on the menu.... its worth a go?  Note to self.. re-think lunch!  Omelette is good... think! think! think!! 

Bet your wondering what set me on this track?... well it was a phone call from a friend and well its hit me that I seriously need to do something.  Why do I lack the motivation?  I know what I want to do, I know what I should be eating and exercising... why is it that when I am exercising that I put 100% effort in.. but takes me a while to want to do the exercise?  I know what I need... a person shouting in my ear 24/7 do you want that?  Get up and exercise... come on give me more!!  YES!! that is what I need!  Any volunteers!?  I am not feeling down about this, I am feeling OK but just a little lost I guess... 

I started this at the start of the year and now its June already!  Where am I... not far.  OK so there have been set backs, I was ill.  But I am fine now and fighting all the way!  I NEED to as they say pull my socks up and get on with it.

I have a Wii, exercise balls and treadmill... I need to get on and motivate myself, its down to me, no one else.

Han and I are entered into Race For Life which takes place on the 14 July 2013.... some 6 weeks away!! OMG!! Its 5 km, a major distance for me.  I need to get training, get on that treadmill!!!

Jon has done some research into me doing incline training on the treadmill, and by inclining by 12 degrees and walking at 3 miles per hour it give me the same workout as running at 6 miles per hour on a flat surface!!  The more the incline the more muscle tissue is used in the legs, and greater the weight loss!! OMG! So guess what I will be doing tomorrow!! A new incline program.

I love the feeling when I come off the treadmill, I wish I could bottle that.  Its such a proud happy buzzing feeling, because I know I have done something.  Something is better than nothing, that is the key.  

Loving this feeling want it to last forever!  Well it can if I keep exercising!!

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