Saturday, 12 January 2013

The start of my journey

I should give a little background, my name is Jacquie and I am 41 years old and am very overweight... ooh an admission!  I have been overweight all my life and tried various methods over the years to shed the pounds...nothing has worked.  Sure I have lost a few stone but never my intended target.

I decided this year 2013 that things were going to be different as I had had enough.  So no more sitting on the sofa eating chocolate and crisps wasting my life away, I am making a real effort this year.  And to be honest I need to make an effort as I will end up being one of the NHS's obese statistics needing continuous help due to all the medical conditions gained from being so over weight.

Now the reason behind doing this blog was for me to be more aware of what I am eating, and to plot my exercise.  And its a visual thing that I have to access on a daily basis, I will be able to see my achievements at a glance. 

I am very aware how hard this journey of mine is going to me, see I have been here before... started a routine and lost 3 stone then lost motivation and interest and put all the weight on.  As I say I am no stranger to the challenges of trying to lose weight.

I know this time will be different, I feel ready and I want it, and I am in a very positive frame of mind.  For me I know if I follow a strict diet and exercise routine it does actually work...guess what! That is what I am doing!! But I am doing a different kind of exercise this time around is progressive with resistance and cardio... great fat burner!  With swimming, as I like to swim and after the exercise sessions I will need a swim and sauna!

Over the years that I have previously tried to lose weight I have not had the right support to help change my attitude about food and exercise.  I have just basically been told, "look your overweight you have to eat healthy and exercise".  I realize now that I need re-educating and support along my journey, to help me achieve my goal.

And I have found the support I need, I attend The Weight Loss Guys sessions 3 times a week and follow the plan they promote.  I am following their fit body formula which will give me all the tools and support I need to achieve my goal.  It includes, nutritional information, meal plan guide, 3 exercise sessions a week, behaviour change coaching, weekly weigh in, monthly body analysis as well as receiving weekly newsletters, a magazine online I get a personal appointment to discuss anything.  

I think this blog is going to be a good tool for me to visually see what I have been eating, I will upload photos of my meals.  I will plot my weight, exercise and measurements and I will do a daily 'how I feel' section.  I think this will be very important as it will help me to change my thinking and understanding about myself and food.


  1. You are an inspiration Jacquie! I love all your photos, and has given me many ideas for my own weight loss! :-) x

  2. Awe thanks Selina, I am trying! The thing that is driving me is wanting to change and staying positive helps. I will get there... this blog will be my story, one day at a time! Great that I have given you some ideas, keep your swimming up! :)


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