Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 17...

Another great day today, although my car is in the garage awaiting my go ahead, once I have found the £650 to fix it!  This has knocked me slightly, see I was intending to swim every night, hmmm well I have no other means of getting there so it will have to wait until I get the car back on the road.  I am fine about this, a minor hic cup that is all!

Nothing with dampen my spirits or sway me off my goal... I am still on it 100%!

What I ate today... 28th January 2013


Scrambled eggs with sliced fresh cherry tomato, or Happy eggs as I saw them this morning :)


Fresh tossed salad with warmed prawns in chilli sauce.  (I do like this)


Breast chicken with 100g of whole grain rice, with broccoli and cauliflower chicken sauce. (it was a bit like eating a chinese meal)


Again I will eat melon later in the evening, its very refreshing and I like this in the evening as  I seem to 'want' something sitting watching TV.  Oh I know its probably psychological and I don't actually need it, its fruit!  :)

I am liking my meals better in the new bowls and plates, its just so much nicer to eat from.  Although I have not been to the gym or pool today I have been active around the house today.  Washing, cleaning and general running around, its clear from just doing every day things that I have more energy... ITS GREAT!!  And the best thing of all... its only going to get better!

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