Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 18...

Crikey its 18 days now!  Everything just seems so natural what I am doing, and most of all I am still enjoying it.  

I decided to make a soup today, and well I know what is in it and after tasting it.. I LOVE IT!!  My daughter is not keen, but I like it! 

What I ate today... 29th January 2013


2 eggs scrambled.


Home made soup: ingredients; tin chopped tomato, chilli powder, soup mix pulses (handfull), 1 haddock fillet, broccoli, cauliflower and water.


I have a name for it now... Hot chilli fish soup! (had it again as I liked it that much!)

Rather good day today, made this soup, first time ever I have put fish in a soup and I am really surprised at how yummy it tastes!  It thickened all by itself and its really filling too.  I think I will be eating this again tomorrow!  Well I have a pan full of it, and I dont really want to freeze it, so will eat it tomorrow! 

The weather is awful right now, blowing a gale and raining so nice warm soup... mmm :)

I have lots of lovely healthy foods in my home now, I eat my meals and dont really feel the need or urge to snack.  Sometimes I will eat a few nuts or have some fruit but I think that is because I am used to eating and feel the need to put things in my mouth.  I am trying to get out of this, if I feel this way now I pick my glass up and drink!  Its like I am re-programming myself, I am sure I will get there.

Today's menu does not look like a lot, but it is very filling and to be honest I am not that hungry, if I was I am sure I would get something else.  I am working hard to recognize when I am actually hungry, and to my shock its not very often!

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