Sunday, 27 January 2013

My secret...

OK so we know why I am here!  To share my journey loosing weight, to hopefully inspire others in a similar situation to mine... to just say..


Being over weight I think I got used to it, and it was easier to just carry on with what I was eating as previous attempts to lose weight had always failed.  I had to look hard at myself and think well why?  Do I actually want to lose weight or was I happy eating all that junk/sweet food?  And before starting this journey I can honestly say my previous attempts were half hearted as I wanted the junk and sweet foods, I was not prepared to give it up.  Sure I knew if I gave it up and worked hard I would lose weight... but mentally I dont think I was ready for that change as I was far too comfortable plodding along being fat.

I think the revelation came just after Christmas, I was starting to not fit into my clothes again and I find that so frustrating.  I have a full length mirror in my bedroom and looked in it and said... NO, NO MORE! And I took steps there and then to do something about my weight... finally!  And I just think that mentally I really had had enough, had enough of feeling fat, frumpy and I wanted to discover the 'real' me under all that fat!  I think I knew I was heading for disaster if I had continued the path I was on.  I don't want to die or have diabeties or heart and joint problems... just because I was fat.  NO! 

So now I am in the right frame of mind, I have a goal, that is to half my body weight.  Yes its a huge task, but I am so focused and determined to succeed that NOTHING with hold me back this time.  I know my weaknesses, that food sometimes gets boring, so I WILL makes sure its interesting and great to eat all the time! :)

There is something I really really really want most of all, and I have NEVER had it.  I bet your all wondering what it is!  

My secret... The one thing I really really want and... I WILL buy first when I had achieved my goal... some may find this crazy!  A pair of wellingtons!  Seriously, I have never ever been able to wear them, my legs have always, all my life been huge and never could get the wellingtons past my ankles.  I think the thing I will struggle with is the amount of choice now, wellingtons are in all colours and patterns and my goodness what a dilemma! 

To inspire me...

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