Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day 2...

Day 2 and today I hurt!!  Got up feeling not hungry, this is a first!

What I ate today... 13th January 2013


Fresh cut half of a honey dew melon.


Mexican chilli bean soup with 2 rivita.


Roasted sweet potato's, red, green, yellow peppers, mushrooms and carrots with lamb filet.  Steamed fine green beans and cauliflower.


Half a tin of fruit cocktail in juice.

Again I went swimming in the evening, I found that whilst in the steam room the pain in my  legs was bearable... shame I had to get out!!  I am still feeling very positive, loving eating what I am eating and really surprised that I am not hungry or craving sweets foods constantly.  I have eaten an apple today and drank water and herbal teas, I actually am liking eating fruit.  

I am looking forward to tomorrow..oooh 9.30am!! Back for another exercise session, my legs still hurt but I will have to break through that pain barrier... I will try my hardest and give 100%.  

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