Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day 1...

Today was the start of my journey.  Last night Friday (11.1.13) was my first fitness session and WOW!! I loved it!   I cannot believe that I managed 45 minutes of intensive exercise, I pushed myself as far as I could go... I know this as I nearly threw up!  It was to be honest an emotional time as I felt quiet over whelmed with the fact that I actually completed it.  Every one at session were really friendly and so supportive, I just love all the high 5's when I did my best.  And now the day after my exercise session, I was warned  that I would hurt! OMG... its like my knees have been shot!  Just above my knees the muscles there are in agony...but I am loving it!! They say no pain no gain!!

What I ate today... 12th January 2013


Boiled egg with fresh steamed asparagus to dip in.  Also had a cup of herbal tea.


Mexican chilli bean soup and 2 riveta.  Also a large glass of water, with a hint of flavour from apple and blackberry squash.


Fresh steamed carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, fine green beans.  Sweet potato's roasted in a splash of olive oil.  Wild salmon steamed with lemon and herbs.

Today I could of had more food!! I am supposed to eat snacks in between meals, but to be honest I was not hungry so would be forcing myself to eat it.  Today I have however managed to drink plenty of water, either cold or as a herbal tea.  I have stayed away from diet drinks and coffee and did not really miss them today.

The evening I went for a swim and relaxed in the steam room, and boy did I need that!  Hopefully it has helped to repair my aching muscles I have started to use again!

My mood today has been very positive and with my sweet tooth I honestly thought I would of been craving sweet foods.  I have not and am rather puzzled, makes me wonder why I ate so much sweet things in the first place?  I have enjoyed what I have eaten today, I have tried  some combinations I would never of eaten before, and liked so will eat them again.  Being only on day 1, no doubt I will find more things out about myself and my habits as I go along.  I am not as tired as I have been, I will monitor this as it is only early days.  All is good, I have got through day 1, and am happy. 

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