Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day 15...

Oh my goodness I feel great today!  I am happy, full of energy and awake!  Its like something has been woken up inside me... oh I know what it is, I am 13lb lighter! :)

What I ate today... 26th January 2013


Fresh fruit cocktail with natural Greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey.


Fresh salad, with cucumber and warm prawns in Wagamama chilli sauce.


Handful of mixed nuts.


Homemade tuna, broccoli and cauliflower cakes with sweet potato chips.  And the new plate I have down sized to!

Since I am now eating less I thought it silly not to down size my plate!  So as you can see I have a new Villroy and Boch colourful one to eat off!  I love it!  Incidently the white dinner plate with the yellow trim is the same size as the burgundy one above, so I am going smaller.

Still happy :)

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