Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It's all about the tea!...

In a bid to try to drink more herbal tea and less coffee I have decided to review the various teas in my cupboard!  And maybe buy a few others!  I have found through trial and error that adding a drop of honey to the tea makes it 'nice' to drink!

I will keep adding the various teas to here as I sample them!

No.1 : Twinings pineapple and grapefruit green tea

As soon as I poured the water into the mug the small was amazing, I could smell pineapples.  I find that with any tea that they never smell like they taste, but when tasting, I could taste the green tea with a slight hint of pineapple and grapefruit.  It is actually very refreshing and tastes ok... maybe this one can stay!

No.2 : Clipper Organic Dandelion and Burdock tea

The smell as soon as I opened the foil bag inside the box... I wish you had smell a vision!  It was very strong, OH but nice :)  Having grown up with dandelion and burdock fizzy pop I thought hmm, and OH was I surprised!  I LOVE IT!!  It does taste really nice, and leaves an after taste in your mouth.  I loved having it on my desk, the smell filled the room.  I am going  to try this cold too.  My daughter however does not like the taste of this, she thought it very strong and did not like the after taste.  Down to personal preference I guess... and more for me!! :)

No.3 :  Clipper Organic Green Tea with Lemon

Oh my, when I opened the foil all I got was lemon, really strong, but really nice.  Put it in the cup and added water and the smell intensified, it was lovely.  Drinking this hot it was nice, I found as it got colder the taste was turning bitter.  So I 'like' it I think!  But will only drink it hot!  I think in all honesty its the boxes that drew me to buy them!  They are so cute and look great so you assume they will taste great too! hmmmm

No.4 :  Tetley Green Tea with Blueberry.

I found this by accident really, I just happen to be in the coffee/tea isle looking for coffee for my husband and thought oooh look at that!  I dont drink 'normal' tea with milk, just dont like it.  So thought I would give this a go!  I opened the box and a lovely sweet fruity smell filled the air, it was lovely.  I was hoping that it would taste that good with water in.  I put it in the cup and poured the water in and was not let down!  I tasted it and WOW! I really like this one!  I could use this as an everyday drink its that mellow and nice.  I actually think I am going to replace the coffee I normally drink with this now!  And as a change have one of the other teas!  I am really quite surprised how nice this tastes, mmmm.

No.5 :  Dr Stuart's Slim Plus No Caffeine Tea.

The reason I bought this was because I was looking for a caffeine free tea...fresh juice is boring me to tears!  It was just an added bonus that its good for me!  The smell when I opened the box was a little strange and muffled as each tea bag is in its own individual sleeve.  The smell was like aniseed a little, not strong, a kind of hint.  Then when I opened the sleeve it was more a very fresh tea smell... I tasted it and it is light, not a heavy tea and actually tastes really good.   This surprised me as I was expecting it to be awful!  Its pleasant and tastes a little like elderflowers... I think?  So I like it!  And will drink this whilst I cannot drink teas with caffeine in...hmmm maybe when I am out and about I will come across more without caffeine...ooh keep my eyes open!

No.6 :  Clipper Organic Sleep Easy Tea.

I bought this is too if would actually help me drift off... I liked the stars on the box!  OMG I am so terrible for buying things because of the packaging!  So I opened the box, opened the foil inside and WOW...the smell!  It was like Christmas orange spice!  I read the box to see the ingredients and its got cinnamon and orange flavouring, that makes sense!  When the water was put in the cup, the smell really filled the kitchen, such a lovely smell.  I dont like orange so that is saying something!  I tasted it and MY... its really quite nice, not strong, just nice.  With every mouthful I took a sniff, and its lovely, really really nice... relaxing and calming...Hmmm hark at me!! Its a drink before bed... Yawn... lol :)  OK yes I like it!! :)  

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