Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 7...

Today I am a little frustrated... with the weather!  Its damn snowing and I cant drive in it, so I have missed my exercise session today :( Not only that, its weigh day!  So I have no idea how much weight I have lost either!  Have to wait until Monday when I go to that session... if the snow has gone!  I am really hacked off as I like doing the session, I cannot even go for a swim either as my costume has been eaten by chlorine and I have not found a replacement yet.  With being in the house I have tried to not think about eating, its not like I have clock watched today.. no not at all.  Just that I found it a little challenge, I won! I did not give in, I only ate was I am supposed to! 

What I ate today... 18th January 2013


Had 2 egg, scrambled.


Half a carton of piri piri chicken and tomato fresh soup, with chopped up half of a omelette and 2 ryvita.

Afternoon snack...

Fresh fruit cocktail with natural yogurt and drizzle of honey.


1 breast chicken cut into 2 and smeared with piri piri sauce, petite pois and sweet potato with carrot.

Bit of a strange meal selection today!  I think I piri piri adds great flavour and I will be using it more!  I am loving eating sweet potato's they are actually really nice.  

How I feel today?  I think I would of loved to of been weighed, its a great incentive to see how well I am doing.  I know I am doing well as my eating habits have changed completely and I feel like I have more energy.  Its 7 days now, 1 whole week! It does not feel like it... eating like I am feels normal, like I have been doing it ages!  Its easy and not a chore, and I am loving it :)  See what I think after another week! 


  1. you could always exercise in the house or go out for a walk if you can't get to the sessions.

  2. Indeed! As it was I ended up going for a walk and run around the house like a nutter cleaning! Some is better than none! :)


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