Thursday, 17 January 2013

Day 6...

I am starting to believe I can actually do this, it hit me like a tonne of bricks... just like that!  I know rather odd, and why do I feel this way all of a sudden?  Its because I am not hungry, not craving sugary foods and actually really enjoying the exercise!  In fact to be honest I am finding this easy!  Its not like a diet, its more like just living my life healthy!  And I guess that is difficult to accept, simply because of over eating 'bad' 'fat' foods for so long.

With not eating cheese, bread, cakes, pasta, white rice, sweets, crisps and all the other 'junk' I thought I would miss it... but I am not!  And that is hard to accept, that I don't need to eat it!  The other thing that I am really finding hard is not having food in my hands, I would say a lot of my time previously I would be eating or holding food.  To go from not doing that to eating really healthily is rather odd for me.  I do feel a bit lost and keep putting pens or glasses of water in my hands to keep them busy!  I will NOT cave in and eat like I did previously :)

What I ate today... 17th January 2013


Had 2 egg, scrambled. No photo as forgot :(


Shop bought tuna salad (No pasta)


100g brown rice, half carton of chicken soup, 1 cooked chicken breast.  All put together to what was a chicken curry. (all mixed up!)

I have drank 3 coffees today and honestly not enough water at all :(  But I am not hungry and seriously this is all I have eaten today.  I know it looks like nothing... going on what I used to eat... I think maybe yes today I am in shock at how little I have eaten.  Cant eat if I am not hungry!

I am gutted I could not go swimming this evening :(  My costume has been chlorine eaten!!  Seriously it has, I go that often the elastine in it gets eaten by the chlorine and it turns into a see through costume!  Oh no now that is so not for me! So no swimming until I get a replacement! :(  I guess for me its like being grounded, I mean in the sense of a airline pilot!

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