Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day 4...

Here we are 4 days in!  Does not seem a lot.. but the days are stacking up.  Today I thought I would try some new foods, natural yogurt, and falafel.  I think its really good trying new foods as it helps to keep your interest, and as its all healthy and good!!

What I ate today...15th January 2013


Natural yogurt with fresh cut apple, x6 grapes and 1 plum with a drizzle of honey.


Half of carton of fresh Country Vegetable soup with 2 ryvita.


Tuna shapes! With fresh tossed salad and ceaser dressing.  With mini quiche filled with mushrooms and other vegetables.

I tried something new, the mini quiches were really tasty and nice with the salad.  The tuna shapes are basically tuna mixed with 1 egg, salt, pepper and dropped into a dry frying pan and cooked.  They look quiet sloppy when making put when cooked they are really very tasty and nice.  I guess I could add sweetcorn... like the quiche the tune shapes as I have named them can be eaten cold so perfect with salad.

I enjoyed making something different today, I was going to make falafel's but I read the instructions and the chick peas need to cook on a low heat for about 1 hour to soften them up... so I will make them tomorrow!  OOh more cooking tomorrow!!

You know I look at the photos and think is that all I have eaten today! I am used to eating all day, and that in itself is so wrong!  But seriously I was constantly hungry, craving sweet foods always wanting more. No more though, that is what I find so odd... I am eating what is in the photos and plenty of water and am not hungry!  Its such a odd feeling, as I keep thinking I need to put something in my mouth, all the time!  I guess this feeling will take a while to go...

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