Monday, 21 January 2013

Day 10...

Today has been a funny old day, I am eating, enjoying what I am eating and still don't fully understand why I am not hungry?  I think the reason I am having such a hard job getting this around my head is the fact I used to eat so much food in one day and still felt hungry and  now I am eating less, a lot less and am not hungry!  I just don't get it.  Apparently its all to do with what I am eating now!

What I ate today... 21st January 2013


Fresh chopped fruit cocktail.


Salad with cottage cheese and beetroot.


Chicken and vegetable and egg chilli stir fry.

The one thing I am finding hard to cut out is coffee :(  Its really hard.  I enjoy my cup of coffee, I do drink it with skimmed milk.  Saying that, I have cut my coffee intake, and am trying to introduce herbal tea. I look at it this way... even if I substitute 1 coffee for 1 herbal tea its progress!  I am hoping to eventually drink more herbal tea.. am in the process of sampling some...hmmm given me an idea! I think I will sample some and write what I think about them!  Great way to get me to drink them!! 


  1. I guess I probably would be wondering why the appetite went, but maybe you should try not to think about it and just be happy with it.

  2. You have a point Paul, I should be enjoying this!


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