Friday, 25 January 2013

Day 13...

Oh my goodness!! Today I think I have been having withdrawal symptoms from lack of exercise!  That is something I thought I would never say!

I went to my exercise session today and really worked hard, and actually made myself sick!  But it was alright, it was happy sick!  

What I ate today... 24th January 2013


Something new!  I banana and 2 egg pancake with strawberries and a drizzle of honey. (very filling)


This was like having a take out!! It was the mixed vegetables left over from yesterdays dinner! (they were really nice)


Fresh mixed salad with cod and broccoli omelette. (really yummy!)


Mixed fruit cocktail with 2 crispbread, 2 table spoons of nutella with strawberry and banana slices.

Today I have loved eating what I have, especially the new creation... flaked cod, broccoli, chilli and whisked egg...all made into an omelette.  It actually tasted like a fish cake.  Really nice, will be making this again!  

The other thing I am loving eating is the crispbread with the nutella on, with the added banana or strawberry its amazing.  I think it tastes like kit kat!  

My mood today was a little low this morning, but not because of my new change in my life.. no no I am loving this!  No the blighted women that I am right now!  I know and am aware that it affects me like this, so I need to try and stay mega positive and happy.. I will not feel sad or low, I am loving what I am doing and am working so hard to get to my goal.  After the exercise session, where I really pushed myself I felt really high!  But that is what exercise does! AAAaarrrrrrgghhhh I love it!!! 

So am now feeling really happy and pleased that I did another exercise session.  Its another day tomorrow!

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