Monday, 14 January 2013

Positive mental attitude...

Well I am still suffering a bit with muscle pain above my knees... tried that cream you rub into aching muscles, did nothing!!  

Went to another exercise session this morning, to be honest it was aaarrrghhhh in pain want to stay in bed!  But got up and hobbled around the house and got ready and went to my exercise session.  No excuses... I know myself too good, if I start making excuses then that is when I dont give 100%.  So I am really pleased with myself for going.

I think as an incentive I was weighed to see how I am doing, bearing in mind that my normal weigh session would be on a Friday evening, I stepped on the scales this morning.  Now seriously I thought nothing would of changed as well its been 3 days!  And well the scales showed that I had lost 5lb!! OMG!!! I know its silly!! I was and actually still am beaming :)  

The exercise session was excellent!  I really loved it.  Now I never thought I would ever say that about exercise!  Apparently because it is interval cardio resistance training I am doing anything up to 150 squats and crunches aswell as other things every time I take part.  Now that is amazing!! It is no the wonder why my legs felt like I had been shot!  And after this morning session I felt better, not as puffed, and could actually walk afterwards!  A bonus as the first session on Friday I had to practically crawl out on my hands and knees!  I guess it can only get easier!

It is still early days, I am enjoying my journey so far!  Having been overweight for so long now I need to change my mind set... by this I mean I need to stop thinking like an overweight obese fat person.  I need to start living my life as I want to, as if I was the weight I want to be....ok so this sounds crazy.  If I  was the weight I want to be, that would be around 11 - 12 stones, and at that weight there is no way I would shove all the sweets, biscuits, cake, crisps, chips, burgers, junk food and chocolate in my mouth!  So why do it now??  I need to concentrate on thinking healthy and doing healthy rather than worrying about what people think of me.

Oh that last statement I made about worrying about what people think of me... hmmm this I feel sometimes has driven me to eat more.  Comfort eat I guess.  Some individuals open their mouths and can say the most hurtful things to complete strangers.  It wears you down and its a vicious circle, eating, trying to eat healthy, confidence knocked by someone saying something awful to you, eating junk, feel guilty, try to eat healthy.... and it goes round and round.  I have had my share of those comments over the years, no more though, enough is enough.  

I really believe that a positive mental attitude helps, it puts you in the right frame of mind and you feel you are ready for the challenged that are thrown at you.  Not only that I think you have to be in a place, ready to take on the challenge of loosing weight... I am in it 100%, giving it my all as I WANT results!!  Previously I think sure I wanted to lose weight, but did not want it enough.  Thinking now about it, I think I was content being fat, sounds an odd statement to make when I have tried for years to lose the weight.  I think I reasoning behind this was that I was not ready to give up all the comfort foods.  

I feel stronger and more confident now and I need this challenge.  The reason I need it is to prove to myself that actually when I put my mind and soul 100% into something I can and will get results.

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