Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Day 5...

Today I seem to have more energy and feel a lot happier.  I have been a little sad, down in the dumps... but I think that is normal if you know what I mean! So today I have been trying to make an effort to have a better positive out look, be happier, smile and enjoy life!  And I can report I am much happier today! :)

Well on the food front, I wanted to try new foods and make my own healthy additions to dinners.  But it appears I am useless!! Seriously I tried to make falafel, with chick peas.. well you can see on my dinner photo, its lets say different! I did only eat half of it, I think I was a little heavy handed on the herbs!  So I have put them out of my mind and decided to look up some recipies and see what I can find!  Then I should maybe follow the directions, to get a nice outcome! ha h ah ha

What I ate today... 16th January 2013


Fresh chopped fruit cocktail with natural yogurt and a drizzle of honey.


Half carton of country vegetable soup with 2 ryvita.


Fresh tossed salad with cod in rosemary and tomato in olive oil sauce.  With some kind of triangle that was supposed to be falafel! (yuck!)

I look at what I have had today and think really! Is that it! I cannot understand why I am not hungry?  I mean all those years I lost with bad dieting, what I am following is easy! I am not calorie counting, not point counting... just trying to eat low or very low carbs.  I check the backs of packets and if I feel its too high I don't eat it!  I am limiting myself to 100g of brown rice a day if I want to eat it, maybe tomorrow!?  And 2 ryvita a day if I want them.  That's it really! I can pretty much eat anything as long as its low in carbs, now there are loads of foods I can eat and to be honest it is so much nicer not having to weigh or count things before I eat them.  This and all the exercise I am doing I have to lose weight, I WILL lose weight, how can I not!  As they say watch this space!

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