Sunday, 27 January 2013

Day 16...

A lazy Sunday!  I say that but I have been busy, my mind has!  I am currently studying with The Open University and and nearly half way through my degree.  I am working towards a BSc Open (Hons) degree and am really loving every minute studying.  

I have been really good today, I have not strayed at all from what I should eat, and I can say reducing the size of my plate has helped an awful lot.  I just have to learn not to really fill it now!  That in its self is really hard, see being as big as I am all the time you think you always need a lot of food!  And to just all of a sudden not put as much food on your plate is hard... I will get there slowly.

And as it was a Sunday I got up later, around 11am!! I know half the day gone, but now and then wont hurt! :)  So I have not eaten as much as I normally would due to the fact I was asleep!

What I ate today... 27th January 2013


Fresh chopped melon with fruit cocktail and pineapple.


Handful of mixed nuts.


Roast chicken breast, sweet potato's roasted, fine green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and cabbage.  With a little drizzle of chicken flavoured gravy.


Fresh chopped melon.

All my meal times went out the window today after getting up late!  Oh well!! So later in the evening I will have some melon, and that will be fine :)

I am still committed 100% to what I am doing and best of all I am really loving it.  I bet people reading this blog must think I am mental, as everyday  I put I am loving it!  But seriously I am! :)  Just keep thinking of those wellingtons! ;)

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