Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 19...

Oohhh day 19!! So great news, got my car back and cost less than I thought it would.  So am all set now for the exercise session tonight with the weight loss guys , looking forward to the session :)  And maybe do a relaxing swim afterwards.

I have tried different foods today, and am really excited that I did, stops me from losing interest in food. Oh yes the soup from yesterday...funny thing was I did not fancy it, so the bin had it!  Found something more exciting to eat, see below!

What I ate today... 30th January 2013


2 scrabbled eggs with 2 bacon round medallions chopped and mixed. (actually really nice)


2 wholewheat crispbread, with cucumber and plain tuna topped with spring onion. (yummy!)


Fresh cut strawberries, just because I like them!


Cod in garlic mixed into fresh tossed salad.

Today has been a lovely day, I have not been hungry and am learning to accept that I really don't need to put anything else in my mouth if I really don't need it.  

I went to my exercise session, goodness I worked hard!  Crunches, side crunches, reverse crunches... sprinting on the spot, squats, squat lean backs, pelvic lifts and a heap of arm work too!! But I love it!!  Its 45 minutes of intensive workout with 10 second intervals between each new activity, and I do actually love it!  Coming from me that is just SO odd!  Exercise, well before starting this I guess I would 'float' around the swimming pool!  I say float because I find swimming up and down really boring.  Wish I found this type of exercise ages ago!

My other great news is that today I have not had any coffee!! Not 1 cup!  Instead I have been drinking Tetley green tea with blueberries... I love it! And its my new everyday drink.

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