Saturday, 12 January 2013

About me.... the whole truth!

I am a bubbly happy friendly type of person that is just in the wrong body!  Over the years I have managed to fool myself that its OK to be over weight. I pretended to be content as I thought I could never do anything about it, so just carried on eating all the wrong foods.  

Sure I ate low fat, and diet products but it always felt like I was being punished and had to eat these foods due to being over weight.  I ate but never enjoyed eating, food to me fills a hole, satisfies me for that minute.  I have such a huge sweet tooth I would rather eat cake and sweets rather than a cooked meal.  Now I know this is bad, but the urge for me was so strong that the cake and sweets always won.  

I want to be more confident around food, to be able to make the right choices, not because I have to but because I want to.  To realize that food is my biggest tool in helping me to lose weight, and I should embrace it rather than fight against it.

I struggle on a daily basis on what to wear, in fact I detest clothes shopping.  Clothes shopping always ends in tears as I can never find anything to fit me and I find this very depressing.  It is just a no go area walking into the high street shops, firstly the feeling that all the shop assistants are looking at you.  And you know they are thinking "why is she in here, we don't do her size".  Then looking at the clothes on the rail, yes they are all very nice and I would love to wear hope in ever fitting in them as they do not do my size.  

There is something I would love more than anything, and that is a pair of wellingtons!  I know it sounds silly and a bit random but I have always for as long as I can remember wanted to wear them.  My calves are large, larger than the average size and I only fit into ankle length boots.  So this is my mission, to wear wellingtons!

I know if I give 100% I will get the results I want, there is a but... I lack motivation and will power, I know I do.  So to get around this I need positive people around me, to keep me motivated and strong enough to succeed. 


  1. I think you'll do it. Having tangible goals will be very helpful. Just don't allow your positivity to waver.

  2. Never! I am strong! I will stay positive! :)


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