Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Progress...

Ok so this is the page where I bear all!!

I am going to chart my weight I can see it visually and can refer to it at any point to just see how far I have come :)

So looking at it, I know I will be shocked... I am not in denial, I know I am huge!  But the thing spurring me on is the fact the weight IS coming off.

DATE            WEIGHT        NEW WEIGHT        LOSS           TOTAL        GOAL

12.01.13          23st 1lb                      ----                       start
22.01.13          23st 1lb                  22st 6lb                    -9lb
25.01.13          22st 6lb                  22st 2lb                    -4lb             -13lb
06.02.13          22st 2lb                     22st                       -2lb            -1st 1lb             1 st+            
15.02.13             22st                     21st 13lb                   -1lb            -1st 2lb
01.03.13         21st 13lb                 21st 13lb                   New Scales Weight......................
15.03.13         21st 13lb                 21st 10lb                  -3lb             -1st 5lb
22.03.13         21st 10lb                 21st 8lb                    -2lb             -1st 7lb              :)
29.03.13         21st 8lb

Here it is!  Every Friday now at the exercise sessions I will get weighed and then put my weight in here. I guess some reading this will think...NO she cannot be that weight!  I sure am!  And I am not proud of this weight, if anything I am really quite ashamed to advertise I actually weigh this.  I guess the reason why I have done it is for the sock tactic, and as a constant reminder that I am doing this!!  I am losing weight, I am changing my life and I am and will get there... watch this space! :)

A little update... with me not being 100% my weigh in's have been re-juggled a bit.  But fear not I am still doing my own personal weight challenge and will not give in... OH NO!!  I am certainly not a quitter...what is this word?  I have removed it from my vocab! :)

15.02.13 - I am disappointed that I did not lose a lot more weight, I am sticking to the healthy eating, exercising and thought it should of been more.  When I talked the The Weight Loss Guys, its all good, 1 lb of weight is a lot... and changes are being noticed.  I now have cheek bones!  I feel healthier and better in myself.  I should not feel disheartened about this, I should feel proud I have made these changes and am doing this.  I think I need to realize its good what I am doing.  Take one day at a time, I will get there.  And I think my current health situation, with the anemia is not helping, but I am slowly recovering from this.

01.03.13 - I am getting weighed on this day... they are switching over to the new scales so I will accept the reading of that.  Now I may not like the reading as I have been advised it will not be the same as the old scales... but I have to accept it.  So I will!  And move on from there... not to let it get to me and work at reducing it, this is afterall my aim.

15.03.13 - I am still ill and cannot do any exercise due to my energy levels being so low.  I have been trying to eat healthily, when I can eat as I feel ill and bloated and have stomach cramps all the time.  Not giving in... keeping positive :)


  1. Go Jacquie! Go Jacquie! :-)))

  2. It is very hard confronting the scales: bad enough to admit it to oneself, even harder to go public. Bravely done: I am sure no-one reading this post will think anything other than that you have great courage, determination and will cheer you on. Most of us with a weight problem weigh more that we think and that other people think too: you are not alone:) Look forward to following your progress.


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