Saturday, 19 January 2013

Day 8...

Another day gone and I am still on it 100%, enjoying what I am doing too.  I think at some point I am going to hit the wall where I have had enough?  Maybe not?  So staying positive is essential.  If reading my blog (that is of course thinking some people actually do read this!!) you have a great tip or something to share that worked for you, feel free to leave a message. I am making it up as I go!  Some would welcome 'other' input :)

What I ate today... 19th January 2013


Fresh fruit cocktail with greek natural yogurt and a drizzle of honey. Chop it up, mix it together!

I was not feeling very hungry, so instead of forcing myself to eat something I just ate some freshly chopped melon.  

Cod in butter and parsley sauce with fresh steamed vegetables.

Today I feel rather full, odd I know when you actually look at what I have eaten!  Not a lot at all.  There is no point forcing the food in me... I am just not hungry.  I am however trying to eat little bits now and then to make sure I am still getting the daily requirements a body needs.  By the little bits I mean, apples and I have had a few cups of coffee today... with skimmed milk.  I am happy and not overlay concerned about me eating so little at this stage. I will make sure I bring it up in my 1 to 1 session with The Weight Loss Guys when I go for another exercise session on Monday.  OOOhhh exercise on Monday! And a possible weigh in too... 


  1. regarding losing weight I really have no advice. I have a problem being under weight. A combination of worry, stress, anxieties, IBS and vomitting phobia all have kept me from being a healthy weight. None of these I would advise anyone to have/use to get weight down. Just keep doing what you are doing and stay resolute. You'll get there eventually. :)

  2. Thanks Paul :) I know that I will get there this time! Doing the blog is really helping me to get to know what I am feeling and how I feel about food. I am staying positive and taking each day at a time .


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