Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day 3...

What did I eat today? Hmmm let me see...

Today has been a kind of strange day where its just happened!  I say that as if stress about every day, no I mean its just flowed rather smoothly and quickly!  I have actually enjoyed today.  Its rather cold, no snow but really chilly, maybe its the cold air waking me up? 

Well as today 'happened' so quickly I forgot to take photo's! Opps! Note to self... take photos's of everything I eat!! hmmm I will just write what I had for breakfast and lunch as come dinner time I actually remembered! 

What I ate today... 14th January 2013


Dry fried egg and ryvita with green tea.


Mixed leaf salad, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, carrots with a drizzle of ceasar salad dressing.


Sweet potato 'chips' with plain haddock fillet. 

I have eaten, honeydew melon pieces today which were lovely as they were chopped earlier and put in the fridge to chill...mmmm :)  I have been trying to drink more herbal teas, so far I am still needing coffee, so have cut it down to 1 cup, and seem to be managing this ok.  I have a confession... I dont drink enough water, I am aware of this.... again note to self..drink more water!!

Today I have not really thought about food, I knew what I was eating and when, I just enjoyed the day.  That is a really strange feeling when previously constantly thinking about food, wondering what to eat or where to buy 'fat' foods.  I call all the foods I should not it 'fat' foods as basically that is what they do...make me fat!! 

I have been trying to buy brown rice, no where has it!  So today finally tracked some down and have decided that tomorrow I will attempt to cook something with brown rice.  Now I have never eaten brown rice before, let alone cooked it so it should be interesting!  I am allowed 100g per day, that is quite a lot so may only have 50g and see how I go.

Went swimming again in the evening, my legs are loosening now and are starting to feel like normal again, phew!  Damn they hurt :(  I like swimming and relaxing in the steam room, its a nice finish to the day.  To be honest its been helping me relax and sleep on an evening.

I am happy, I am happy I am enjoying this change in my life and I am happy because I can do this!

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