Saturday, 26 January 2013

Healthy snacks...

I thought I would start posting all the lovely snacks I have!  I have noticed that since eating more healthily that my taste has changed.  Eating fruit its so fruity, gosh that sounds silly.. but seriously it does.  Apples have got so much flavour, I never knew!  And how sweet grapes are too... 
(borrowed from Google Images)

Snack 1  Apple and grapes.

I cut them up as is psychological to me to see more!  I find eating an apple does not have the same effect as this.  

Snack 2  Mixed nuts and seeds.

Mixed nuts and seeds in a tiny pot, make it look like I have loads to nibble on.

Snack 3  Fresh cut melon.

Melon is so tasty and cut into pieces, so looks a lot.

Snack 4  Fresh cut apple.  I put it in a little ice cream mini tub my husband ate, it feel like I am having a treat!  Psychological again!

Snack 5  Fresh cut strawberries, in that tub again!  Mmmmm :)

Snack 6  Teriyaki Rice Cakes.

OK so this looked interesting to me and I checked them and I can safely eat 2 squares as something different to snack on.  I had never tried them and to be honest I was curious!  They are not that bad, I actually like the crunchiness of them.  Keeping snacking alive and interesting!

Snack 7  A combination of fresh strawberries and seeds!  I love them that much :)  I made a few like this and they were really yummy :)  The seeds just naturally stuck to the strawberry... fun and interesting :)

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