Saturday, 15 March 2014

Saturday 15 th March 2014....

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Its Saturday!!! 

Today as per usual is a lazy day as we have a lot going on tomorrow.  So basically all I have been doing today is cross stitching! :)  happy happy happy!!

As you all know I am stitching the Ocean Friends kit by Gold Collection Petites....

A before photo and what I have done to date...

I am really pleased with my progress as now I can see the turtle... and so much more other detail.  I am actually hooked on this now!  I basically only have the top right to fill and then a strip along the bottom and its done... think its going to be finished soon!! 

Errrrmmm not tomorrow though!! We are all off the Thorpe Park.  If you are not familiar with it, its a theme park not that far from us.  Well around 2 and half hours away!  But we have Merlin annual cards and we are able to access this park and other attractions up and down the country.  So no doubt I will take a fair few photos tomorrow... its a special day as its a preview event just for annual card holders before the park opens to the public next weekend!  Han is thrilled we are going as it mean hardly any queuing!

So as I am out all day and not back until the evening I dare say I will not be doing any stitching tomorrow :(  

Monday I have a hospital appointment.. I have waited a long long time for.  Its to see the neurology specialist... sounds interesting huh!?  I hope to get some answers about my bad memory and traits I have that I dont understand why I do.  Its all very complicated and difficult to explain.. I guess I will know more once I have been to see them... ha ha its at 9.30 am on Monday!! Eeeekkk!!! I fear a tad early for Han! ha hah a I will have to make sure she is up as she has said she will come with me to explain to them things I cant.

That is Sunday and Monday.... Tuesday and Wednesday I have maths and English... yes been off for the last week as I have been ill.  But I am fine now!  Thursday and Friday I am free as they say!  ha ha Just pictured me saying that like Mr Humphrey in the TV program Are You Being Served! ha ha ah a  

Found thi son YouTube and its got the voice of John Inman who played Mr Humphrey saying that very saying..."I'm free" !! hah h ah a

Yes a little busy next week.. I will try to update daily but if a spanner gets thrown in I am not sure when I can do it... BUT I will do it at some point!

Until tomorrow when hopefully I will upload some photo's from Thorpe Park :)

Keep smiling :)

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