Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday 30 th March 2014... Mothers Day...

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Yes today is Mothers Day here in UK... so Happy Mothers Day to all those mum's out there!  

I had a lovely surprise from Han today..

I love the paper and the bag... all smelled lovey...

This made me smile!  Shiny Happy People...ME!!! ha ha ha
Here what was inside...

I wish this was smell a vision as the smell was wonderful..

I love this, its soap!  Cut like a chunk of cake!  It smells divine, like lemon drizzle cake!

All of these products are from a shop called LUSH.... my first treat from it!

I went to bingo with my dad again, as its Sunday!  A nice surprise when I walked in was to be greeted with a glass of bubbly and a little cake!  I of course did not drink the bubbly as I was driving ... the cake... yes I ate it!! here is what it looked like...

And gosh it tasted good too!

Another fun day at the bingo with my dad!  No we did not win, but like we say... if your not in it you cannot win it! ha ha

I visited my mum and took her flowers.. and the gift I made...

I gave her it again as when I made it I wanted to give it to her! ... She loves it and says she will treasure it forever.  

On the way back from my parents house I decided on the spot that today was the day I was going to put my Easter Tree up!  ha ha Yes I do a lot of things on impulse!  So went looking for some Easter flowers as I call them... I think its called forsythia? 

Here is some we found.. a nice gentleman let us cut some off his rather large bush!

Took it home then in a vase... and started to hang my eggs on.. now not all the eggs are finished I still have to make some ... its a good start though.

I just love it, I have so many happy memories looking at it.. and it makes me smile.

I put it in the front window to take the photo but I have since moved it to nearer my stitching area! Squashed in the corner!

I forgot to mention that I went into the shed... and found things... no ribbon but other things!!

Look!... some hand stitched patchwork I made and did not know what to do with!!

And this..

These are actually quite large and I did not know what to do with them when I made them, let alone now!! h ah a

Unfortunately as they have been stored for a long time, sadly with pins in.. some have now rusted on the edges...

Not sure what to do with this now?  Any suggestions?

I also have these ready for a future project...

And I found these kits I started and not quite finished...

This chart I have not even opened! 

I made this many many years ago.. to make into something else... hmmm I appear to be good at that :(  So I think I should attempt to finish this and maybe give it to my mum for next year?? 

Its been that long I have no idea where I got this from... it is rather nice though.

And this... a finished piece that need a little soak!..

As you can see I found some really interesting things in the shed!  But nothing I really wanted!! hmmm

So all that is left to say is have a lovely day, smiles to you all...

(Borrowed from Google Images)


  1. Well goodness! You found a lot on that treasure hunt. ;)
    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. @Vicki - Its surprising as I must of put it all away at some point in the first place! To find again one day! ha ha There were a lot of... ooooh awe noises coming from my shed earlier! Thank you for popping by :)

  3. Wow :)
    Happy Mother's Day dear x

  4. Happy Mother's day, very pretty Easter tree love those flowers.

  5. I LOVE your Easter tree!!! It is so colourful :)
    This is amazing what you can find in a shed, yours is like Aladin's cave!!! Love your turtles start & the little one that is nicely soaking.
    Have a lovely day!

  6. Thank you all very much for popping by! I had a lovely day and yes my shed is GREAT! Although now empty of goodies!
    Smiles to you all :) :)

  7. Happy Mother's Day!
    Nice gifts!!
    Lovely mother pinkeep!!
    The turtles are so cute!

    Thanks for your comments! :)
    Nice to meet you!



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