Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thursday 6th March 2014...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Today I am feeling slightly off color :(

Last night well early hours of this morning I was very ill indeed... I am not sure what has caused it, I have not eaten much so I think that I must of picked up a bug?  It might be a combination of my anemia, stress and worry with feeling a little run down... I know I need to take care of myself a little more.  That is hard when there are others I need to care for and do things for.  

Instead of feeling sorry for myself and ignoring the world today I have been trying to stay positive and happy.  Its hard when your feeling ill... but I am still smiling :)

Apparently when Han finished college today at 4.30 pm its parents evening!!  News to me!  I should not be so shocked as it normally happens this way! ha hah  I will just have to put a brave 'I am not ill' face on later!! 

I have to keep my strength up so have forced myself to eat today... I have tried to stick to bland uninteresting foods to not further upset my stomach.

Breakfast.... scrambled egg.

Lunch... jacket potato with low fat cottage cheese.

I may eat something later... I have made chilli to go into wraps for Jon and Han for later.... me hmmm not sure what I am going to eat?? I do have wholewheat brown wraps so could eat a few of those with something light inside??  See later when Han comes home after parents evening.

Dinner to follow.....

So yes I ate dinner, wholemeal wraps with mixed bean filling with a little salad and cheese.. only just managed to eat this.  Just not hungry but knew I should eat it.

I saw this cute stitching mouse and loved it... so posted it! (Found it on Google Images).

As I cannot show you what I am stitching... you are aware its going into the RAK... so I thought a cute mouse stitching would fill the spot I would usually put a photo of what I am working on! .... 

Well I am pleased to say I have finished putting together my RAK!! Yippppeeeee!!  I just realized that a lot of people that are members of the RAK group have set wish lists... hmmm what am I to do?  I cannot purchase items, I would love to but with the budget I am on its just not possible.  So now I have put this RAK together and now have to find a suitable person that will take anything!!  I do have a little time to find the right person... as my RAK is based around Easter yes its an Eastery RAK!!   I have enjoyed putting this together, it has been a lot of fun but now finding the right person is proving to be a little stressful.  I dont want to send by box to someone that does not really want it! hmmm

Thinking...still smiling! :)


  1. Oh poor you!!! I wish you a speedy recovery & hope for that bug to go and pester someone else. Have fun at the parents evening :)

  2. Hope you are fully recovered!


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