Friday, 21 March 2014

Friday 21 st March 2014...

(Borrowed from Goggle Images)

Oooh now firstly sorry for not finishing my blog update yesterday, I went to bed early as I was really tired.  It was around 7.30 pm!!

Ok well I have been out today!! Somewhere I have been meaning to go to for a long time.... a stitchy shop!!! 

Its called Angmering  Framing & Stitches... let me tell you this shop is AWESOME!!

As soon as I walked in it was a delight to be there.. I was greeted with smiles and hello from the 2 ladies who work their.  And let me tell you they are ever so helpful too.

I toddled along there to find a frame for a stitch design I had finished for a friend.. who sadly lost her mum and I stitched it as she could not. 

Here is the lovely frame I bought with my work in it.  Its not a very good photo I am afraid... I tried to capture some last bits of daylight, so took it into the garden... hence the flowers and grass!

Back to the shop... 

Looking around it was like Aladdin's cave I loved it.  I was like a child in a sweet shop and really did not know where to look!  The whole shop is packed full of lovely things I could of spent all day in there wandering about!

I found their amazing supply of ribbons.. goodness!! I had to take 3 photos to get them all in..

Quite a few!!  

The more I wandered around the more I found!

Then there was this wall of buttons!  OMG!! Every button you could think of!

Close up...

They have an amazing selection of everything you can ever think of!  I was speechless and probably the quietest I have ever been!  Just taking it all in during my first visit was mind blowing... so yes I WILL naturally have to go back again!! ha ha 

I could not leave the shop without buying something... yes I bought the frame and well I was pretty overwhelmed but managed to find some charts!

Here is what I found...

My bargain of the day as each chart was only 50p!! Just as well as things are tough at the moment and I needed to be frugal!  I am sure if I had the funds I could of spent a small ransom and then gone back for more! ha ha They will be added to my stash... that is very nicely building up. 

As I said to my husband there is always room for charts! :)

So no stitching as yet.. but I was stitchy shopping.... that counts right! ha ha  As its Friday all that means to me is uninterrupted stitching time!! I may have to drop Han somewhere but apart form that I can sew sew and sew!! YES!!!! My mission this weekend is to finish Ocean Friends ... I can do it!!!

smiles to you all :)


  1. OMG!! So wish I could live nearby... that shop is pure stitcher paradise!!! Great new stash :)

  2. @Mii Stitch - OMG!! is right!! ha ha Paradise is the word! Thank you for popping in :)

  3. A marvellous shop full of treasures, how lovely to be able to browse round that, our local shop is rubbish!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. @Julie - Yes I am lucky to have a great shop not so far away from me... I think I need a bank loan next time I go though as there is so many lovely things in there! ha ha a Have a happy weekend too :)

  5. Very nice gift for your friend. Looks like the perfect frame. What a shop!!
    Jacquie, you are listed as a no-reply commenter. You can change that on your dashboard. Click your picture for your profile page.

  6. @Vickie - Thank you :) Goodness I had no idea, so followed your steps and now hopefully its changed.

  7. What a wonderful shop full of all sorts of treasures! Great frame you got for your friend and lovely charts for your stash!

  8. @Anne - Thank you for popping by, and yes I loved visiting the shop... I need to go back! My friend loved the frame and contents, made me smile :)

  9. Oh my goodness! I can't believe that such a shop really exists. It must be heaven from what I see on the pictures. And I have never seen so many different ribbons and buttons in one place. How wonderful that you could visit such a shoüp full of treasures.


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