Saturday, 29 March 2014

Saturday 29 th March 2014.....

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I put March at the top because I am still in a little shock at how quick the month has gone!  I mean its the last day of March tomorrow...Mothers Day in UK - Sunday March 31 st... WOW!! That went rather quick.. did I sleep through the month?  Anyone else think this?

And then its April....

And April means...

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Some like Easter for the religious aspect,some like it for the chocolate!  Me... I just love the flowers and all the wonderful colors emerging from the cold winter.. its like everything is coming to life again.  A lovely time, all the shops have spring, happy things in with color injections everywhere.  Oh and I do like the chocolate!  Who would not!  hmmm well unless your not allergic to it! 

And as its almost Easter you all know I have been stitching things to go on my Easter tree this year.. OOOhhh yes nearly time to put the tree up!! Soooo exciting! 

Here is what I have been stitching....

The first one I did..

The one I have done today... this little bunny is from The World of Cross Stitching magazine, issue 176.  I added the tiny flowers.

I will have to get some ribbon from somewhere... I am sure I have some in my know in a safe place!! ha hah never to be seen again!  I think when I have some spare, I say spare as things are tight at the moment.. so spare funds I am going to buy a selection of ribbons and finishing bits.  I really like experimenting with bits and bobs :)

Another thing I have noticed.. its all very orange!! OMG!!! I need another color injection!  A bit hard when all my finishing bits are one or two colors! hmmm thinking...

Saturday... well I dropped Han and her friend off at the train station and they spent the day walking around Brighton's shops and lanes.  Han loves nothing better than to do that.. me well I stayed at home with Jon watching my favorite thing on the TV all day!!  Columbo!! :) Back to back episodes on Netflix!

Tomorrow is Mothering Sunday... I am off with my dad to our usual outing to the bingo!  Then back to my parents house for tea :)  Whilst I am at the bingo Han and Jon will be keeping my mum company.

But before I pick dad up I am going into our shed looking for supplies!  Hmm I could be in there a while!  Everything is boxed up so its just a matter of searching boxes for things.  I know I have a hot glue gun... its in the shed!  I may have more stitching things... wont know until I look! ha ah Hope I find some :)  I will post photo's if I manage to find anything!

Have you noticed all the partitions I have put in?!  Well its to get you all in the mood that Easter is approaching fast!  And the fact its just so cute!

Well that is me for today..

Sending you all smiles until my next entry :)


  1. Sweet..
    Yup march was quick :)
    Big hugs x

  2. Love your new little egg with the ricrac!! March has definitely flew by....

  3. Love your eggs - they are adorable! You are a woman after my own heart - I LOVE Columbo! Rockford Files, anyone?

  4. I too am wondering where March has gone. It just got here didn't it? LOL. The weather is warming up quickly now and I love all the flowers that are in bloom. I just love your eggs and your stitching is so pretty. You have a wonderful week. Hugs and Colors to you.

  5. Your eggs are so beautiful and you did such a nice job finishing them with just the perfect ribbon! I love the bunny!


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