Monday, 17 March 2014

Monday 17 th March 2014...

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It is St Patrick's Day... hope you have a happy, lucky one!  I must say its not a day I would usually celebrate but I am getting in the spirit of it all! :)

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Hope your all well...

As some know I went to see the neurology specialist today and OH!! Well I was put through my paces I can tell you!  I had to do various tasks, one of them that actually shocked me was when the doctor told me a list of 3 items and a name and address and then 5 minutes later asked me to remember them!!  Goodness.. it was hard.  Apparently as Han was with me she said later the items were... banana, light switch and pencil.. the name and address was Peter Marshall, 42 Market Street, Chelmsford, Essex.  I could remember banana and ha ha got caravan from somewhere! lol  I remembered that the address had Essex in it but thought it was Salford! hmmm!! Well as you can see I was useless at that!  

The doctor concluded that I have issues with my working memory and I am to go for further tests.  I had blood taken off me today to rule out 'certain' things.. not sure what but it was a lot of blood!  

When I left I said to Han to me it felt all rushed and I am still none the wiser just that now I know there is something wrong!  I was left feeling a bit odd as I myself knew things have not been right... I guess I will just have to be patient and wait for my other tests that need to be done.

On a happier note I want to share these to adorable photo's of my kittens.. are they still kittens at 6 months old?

This is Mrs Norris..

This is Benedict Cumbercat...

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And on another good note look what my husband bought me... Oh I do love him to pieces :)  He has got to know recently that I really like all the Prairie Schooler charts.. I just love them!  And well he bought my first 3! 

Book No. 162 - Tortoise & The Hare

Book No. 114 - The Needle's Eye

Book No. 146 - Daffodils

I LOVE them!! And cannot wait to get started on them :)  Oooh my!!!  I have those amazing charts from StitchersAnon too!! I am going to be busy!! A great way for time to pass me by... before I know it, it will be Christmas time! lol

I have done no stitching today as I have had a stonker of a head ache and well my mind has been else where...

Tomorrow is a new day and I WILL be stitching tomorrow!  Ah but after maths!! :)  Yes its back to maths tomorrow... I have a lot to catch up on :(  Still plenty of time until my exams though, they are not until June :)

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  1. I hope you don't have to wait too long for your tests results. I've had a few visits with the neurologists and always come out with a headache!
    Super new charts, Prairie Schooler is a popular designer.

  2. Hope the results won't be too scary. Sounds like you need headache tablets just to understand the neurologist!! :)
    Great new stash, your hubby is a real darling :)


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