Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Tuesday 25 th March 2014...

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Its almost Easter so I am slightly side tracked...

Being side tracked this now means my Ocean Friends has been put on hold! hmmm I hear you say as its nearly finished.  Yes I know !  But I feel the need to do some Eastery things... ha ha there is that word again!  Eastery!! love it!

And I know I missed posting Monday.. I was engrossed in what I was doing and I was actually busy for a change!

Now at Easter our family puts up an Easter tree, its something we have done from many years.  I think its from all out continental living, in Germany.  Han and I both love the Easter tree as its a color injection into our home :)  Yes I will post photo's of our tree when it is up :) So this year I thought I would stitch some decorations to go onto it..thats right nothing like leaving it till the last minute!! ha ha just like me!! 

I have never made any kind of decoration before and well I think I am making it up as I go along!  I went to Hobby Craft and picked up some supplies... I thought that could help me... hmmm well, the polystyrene eggs are a real bother.  I honestly thought, stitch a design, stick it to the egg and add ribbon and other bits... ha ha how silly am I!!! Well its actually a LOT harder than that.  I am sure there are other way s I can do this.. making egg decorations that is...

So here is what took me all day to make!..

Here are my supplies...

And what I am working on now... but I feel its not going to fit onto an egg now.. hmmm

I am so un-organised I really have no clue what I am doing!  Like I say I am making it up as I go along!  Sometimes this works fine.. but in this case... hmmm not so well.

I will have to look through all my magazines and find some egg designs that are more suited to go onto the eggs.  

The thing I am finding the hardest is to get the right size fabric to the right size of the egg... at the moment its a trial and error king of thing.

As you all know now I am not a quitter.. I will figure this out!! Even if like yesterday... it takes me all day! ha ha ah ha

Still smiling :)

Hope you all have a happy stitchy day :)

Thought I would do a little update..

Well we had to pop out today as Jon had to go for a medical in Brighton... came back to the car and look...

Can you see it??

No not the weather, not the double decker bus.. maybe a closer photo... with a little help...

Those darn sea gulls are massive and go everywhere!  I just could not believe the size of this one...hence why the photo!  And he is sitting on MY car!! Cheek of it!

ha ha hah  ha

We got home and Han messaged me to say she had an accident.. OMG I thought... hmm she said she managed to stab, yes stab herself in her cheek with her craft knife!  OMG I was thinking all sorts.. then she sent the photo!

I just giggled and thought yes lovely plaster!  Han is dyspraxic, as I am ... and well we are just both accident prone... classic!  Nice face accessory!  She is fine, no need for further treatment,, she actually thinks it quite funny.  Yes never a dull moment in out house!

OK so back to normality now and back to my stitching!! 

Smile :)


  1. The idea is great but I can guess where the problem is... when it comes to sticking the fabric on the egg... The one you did looks great, well done!! Did you get these yummy coloured aida fabrics at HC???? Mine only sells the boring white one!!

  2. I know you are up to the challenge! Your first effort looks great!!

  3. @Mii Stitch - It was a little tricky and was hoping there was a simpler way I guess! ha ha The 'yummy' fabric.. well I have had it in my stash for years! Just never go around to stitching on it! The felt yes that comes from HC!

    @Vickie - Awe thank you :)

    @Von - Love learning and experimenting with new things.. thank you :)

  4. hi its me cucki from south africa :)
    your happy follower....such a sweet post..
    enjoy and have a lovely day
    hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. @Cucki - Thank you for popping in! South Africa!!! WOW!! Thank you for you kind comments and for being a happy follower! I hope your day is full of smiles :)

  6. I absolutely love that Easter egg. Beautiful colors and stitching. I have tried to become a follower of yours several times, but keep getting told to try again later. I have been able to sign up for your posts to come to me by email in the mean time. I love all the pretty fabrics you have also.

  7. @Miss Lindalee - Thank you so much for popping in and sorry your having bother joining my happy group. Thank you for your kind comments.. my eggs... yes! A work in progress! And I am enjoying it! :)

  8. Hi Jacquie, I have the same problem as Miss LindaLee, I tried several times to become a follower but always the same answer: "We're sorry... We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later."
    Don't understand what happens, I never had problems in joining other groups... :o(

  9. @Rose and @Lindalee - I got Jon(my husband) to check out if there was an issue with Goggle... and yes there is! Apparently a server is down currently so they are aware of issues people are having. Lets hope it does not last long. There is another way for things to re-set and that is for me to log completely out of google and sign in again.. maybe this will do the trick? I will try shortly. Thank you for your patience and I hope you can 'follow' me soon :)

    Thank you for popping by.. always lovely to have new visitors! :)

  10. Yes, I'll try again...
    Have a nice day!


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