Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday 2 nd March 2014....

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Sunday for me now has a bit of a tradition... I go out with my dad, to usually the bingo and spend time with him.  Its really nice as we chat and catch up with the things and put the world to rights!  And today we actually won!!  All very exciting!

Whilst at the bingo I ate some cheese and crackers.. and coffee...

It filled a gap!

After returning home I set about with my daughters help to complete my presentation for my English class for Wednesday.  Its now I am pleased to say finished... all I have to do is the queue cards so that I remember what I am talking about!  I will post it once I have done it in my class... then you can take a look if you want to? 

Its taken about 4 hours to complete and I am really happy that its done.  I just hope it goes well in the class?!

Thank you very much to my multi talented daughter who without her help I would still be on the first slide!! ha ha ha ha

So far today I have not done any stitching... well I did have to prioritize and do what needed to be done first.  

I have been thinking more about the RAK I am putting together... its a scary thing you know.  I mean I am amazed at the standard of beautiful things out there that people make.  I, little old me feels a bit inadequate in the fact that I am not at that standard.  I just do not want the person I send it to, to think it was made my a 3 year old.  I try and it will be something I have made... I cannot help worrying though.  Yes I am rather a worrier.... sorry :(

It has taken me a while to put this RAK together, for a few reasons... the main one really is money.  We are on a tight budget and it unfortunately has to fit around us.  The other reason is not time, I have plenty of that being at home caring for my husband.  Its what to do... I did make 2 things but thought they were simply not good enough to send, so changed my idea.  Now I have given myself a deadline to get the RAK out... its an Easter RAK so I have a little time yet.  

I love the idea around a RAK, the fact that it is a random act of kindness I am giving to another stitchy friend.  I love the whole thing about it... here I go again worrying... I just hope the person that gets it likes it too... and the fact its an Easter gift?

We shall have to wait and see....

Onto something lighter...

Well whilst out on a jaunt with my daughter a few days ago.. to the Apple shop we had a little time before seeing a person about her phone so played a little on one of their computers.  Here is what we got up to...

In the shop I just could not stop laughing at all the funny pictures were doing... I know we are both crazy!!

Food wise...

Guess what I am having for dinner.... oooh I will give you a clue!! Its my favorite!! ha hah a 

I will post a photo later....

Damn!! Damn and double damn!! hmmm yes I forgot to take a photo :(  But its obvious what I ate... right?!

It was jacket potato!! 

It was late and I got the urge to make something!  Yes that sometimes happens!!  But cannot show you as its a surprise for a stitchy friend!


  1. Don't worry about the RAK!!! I'm sure whoever will receive it will be delighted that you thought of he/her and also that you made something :) No one is perfect! Just have fun putting it together.... which reminds me I must prepare one too.... in a little while though as I have my Easter egg-change to think about and my Easter surprise giveaway :D Have a lovely day sweetie xx

  2. I think we all worry about what we send in a parcel, i always do. It's the thought that counts and whatever you make the receiver will know it has come from the heart and handmade is always so very special. Enjoy the process.

  3. Thank you both very much for your kind words :) I will try to relax about the RAK... oooh yes Easter is approaching fast! I am happy and smiley :) :)


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