Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tuesday 11 th March 2014....

(My photo)

Well what a lovely day!! Blue sky and my daffodils are still out!  The photo is of the 2 that are in my garden!  I thought show them off whilst they are still alive!

I have to tell you all about what came in the post today... 

Do you recall I was in Cross Stitch Collection magazine issue April 2014?  This...

Well here is the wonderful thank you gift they sent... 

The threads are lovely and I adore the colors.  I checked my stash and all apart from 2 I dont actually have.  I am over the moon! I feel so lucky :)

Whilst taking a look about some blogs I cam across something too adorable to not tell you all about..

Its from a blog called Urban Threads.... HERE

Its the adorable Giving Bunny Project.

(Borrowed from the Giving Bunny Project)

How darn cute are they!! 

If you follow the link I have put above it will take you to the site and you can see what you have to do.

There is an option to machine or hand stitch these adorable things... you then attach a label (provided) and give them away!  Or leave them for people to find!  

I love the concept of this and I am going to make me some bunnies!  I will attach the label, but will give to stitchy friends as I dont really go out much.

Here are some from the Giving Bunny Project.

(Borrowed from the Giving Bunny Project)

This project is so cute and I cannot wait to make a few!  I will show you what I get up to as I make them! :)  

I am excited about this :)

OK so I thought I would attempt one just o see if I can actually make it!! ha ha ha  Its was a lot of fun and now I am going to buy some white felt.  Or maybe I might do more 'weird' ones as I am just not normal so why not!! hahah a

Here is my first attempt...

Yes I am aware he is canary yellow! ha ha ha  He is not all quite there, a bit like me!  I hand stitched him and yes it was fiddly.. I am going to experiment with other colors and added bits...

ooooh he is missing something..

That is better!! ( yes sorry the label is in black and white as I have no color in my printer! :( damn!) Not sure what to call him... maybe experiment as that was what he was! ha ha 

Comparing it to the amazing Giving Bunny Project I see that my bunny has a rather odd shape... back to the drawing board I think!  But hey not that bad for my first attempt! :)

Hopefully the next one I do will look a bit... a little bit better!?

For my next attempt I found some white felt... and to be honest I am pleased with the way this one turned out!! And I have a name for him too... Diggory!! :)

I was going to stitch more of my Eastery project but I am now side tracked onto those cute bunnies!  Well they are so cute! 

Food  wise today is not a good day as I still dont feel very well.. I tried to eat a sandwich at lunch time but could not so after talking to someone I am now just sipping lemonade.  I hope that settles my stomach!?  I may try some food later?

More to follow later......

On a GOOD note some will be pleased with what I am about to mention!  Well I now have someone to send my RAK to!! I am SO SO SO pleased!  What a relief to finally post it!  I will be at the post office tomorrow! Then its the anxious wait until the person gets it!  OMG I hope it does not go missing in the post... I will be devastated.  I am pleased to say that Diggory now has a new home too!! He volunteered to go into the RAK box too! 

I love the feeling of giving.. its a really warm lovely feeling... 

Feeling happy and smiling now... just need to get my health back!!

Until tomorrow... oooh yes tomorrow... well as my dad and I missed out usual outing to the bingo on Sunday.  We decided to attend Wednesday morning/afternoon session instead!  So yes that is where I am off to tomorrow!  Fingers crossed!!  I just think its really nice to spend time with my dad that is why we go.

Until tomorrow...

(Borrowed from Goggle Images)


  1. Oooh, your place has turned into thread heaven!!! :) Have fun with these, it was so kind of the magazine to send you these. I love the bunny idea, they are so cute & imaging leaving them around for someone to take home. How cute!!! Sadly, I will have to pass the opportunity as I have already way to much to do with all my cross stitching... See blog hopping is terrible, it's so easy to get sidetracked :D Have fun with the rabbits (bah, that doesn't sound right, does it? :P ) and don't forget to show us your finished ones. Hugs & xxx

  2. Lovely Daffodils, all I get in Florida is leaves and stems due to the high heat, this year I am going to pull them up and stick them in the freezer for a few months for next year, maybe I will get lucky. Thanks for sharing the Giving Bunnies, I'm going to check out the site.

  3. I see you've updated your post!!! Lol, love the bunnies! You've been busy!!! Glad you made your mind on the RAK thing. I will probably do one soon to but want to get all the Easter stuff out the way first :) Have fun at the Bingo!

  4. I love the bunnies!
    Ruth C

  5. Thanks @Ruth and @Mii Stitch for your kind comments about the bunnies... lol I tried! :)


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