Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wednesday 19 th March 2014....

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Well from my amazing picture I found at the top its clear I have done something! ha hah a I mentioned a few times that this evening at my evening English class I had to do a presentation.  And yes I have done it!!  I tell you when you have never stood up in front of a class before its really nerve wracking.  The moments before I was actually petrified and I dare say would of done anything to get out of it!  Anything the tutor said to me I really did not hear!  I think I just wanted to do it and get it over with.. 

Here is my actual presentation I put together that I talked about.. hope you like it!

I am relieved it is all over now... just have to be more positive when I have to do one in the future now.

I am getting nervous now as my RAK I sent out should be arriving at its destination, if not there already.  Polite notice... if you have it, I mean if the post has delivered it to you could you please just let me know?  I hope it has not got lost ... oh that would be dreadful. 

I have not managed to do any stitching today.. I think I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms now!!   Back to stitching tomorrow..

On another note I posted a photo of me on FB with no makeup for Breast Cancer, here it is...

It is to help spread awareness and hopefully raise funds too.  So feel free, if you like.. carry on this trend and post your photos!

Looking at this photo it makes me feel happy.. see I remember and actually still see me as I was before....

A bit of a difference!  I look at both and I remember that person on the right and I actually think that I still look like that person... its hard to change what you have always known.

I do feel better for losing the weight... I fear I will always see myself as that person on the right... I just hope with time I realize I am different now.  I think unless you have been very large like me you cannot understand this... do you know what I mean?

Thursday tomorrow and I am off to our local museum with Han and Jon.  Han needs to go meet an artist that is exhibiting there and well we are just tagging along!  I thought it a good opportunity to show Jon the museum seeing as he has never been!  And well I have not been in ages...

I will take some photos and post them tomorrow :)

That is the highlight of my day tomorrow!  Oh and stitching!! 

Here is hoping you all had a lovely day and smiles to you for tomorrow :)

Thank you for popping by :)


  1. Glad the presentation went well! See? What were you worried about? Your audience is only human... just like you! It's actually a very good exercise as it gives you confidence. God knows we all need some :) Have a lovely day at the museum!

  2. @Mii Stitch - yes your so right I need more confidence! Off to the museum now! :) Hope you have a lovely day :)

  3. Your presentation is wonderful, well done. I hope the other students were impressed.
    You looks lovely in your picture, make up is a mask, a front we put on for others. It's nice to be fresh and be yourself.
    Enjoy your visit to the museum.

  4. @Julie - Thank you :) Oh yes everyone liked it! I dont usually wear makeup.. Han keeps trying to get me to wear it though! Looked around the museum.. was fun and more for Han but good trip... I will post some photo's. Have a lovely day :)

  5. How funny, you chose the same picture of Death on the final page of your presentation that I did for the Hallowe'en blog alphabet post!
    Great minds think alike!


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