Saturday, 22 March 2014

Saturday 22 nd March 2014...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Goodness!!! The Yipee is because the person I sent my RAK to has received it!! EEEEeekkkk!!!!  At least I know now its not got lost in the post!!   

I posted my RAK a long way, and I am thrilled it got there!  And I am relieved to say that they like it! Phew!  If you would like to see what I posted please take a look at Deborah's Bits and Pieces blog....

I have been stitching today, back doing Ocean Friends... I wanted to get it finished so that I can get cracking on another one! Gosh are you all the same?? I have some to finish and WOW I want to stitch so much more... not enough time in a day! 

A before photo..

Where I am now...

I have finished the top of the stitch.. I am now working on the bottom part.  I really have not got a lot to do... its just very time consuming.  Tomorrow I really have nothing planned apart from stitching.. its our day in and relax time so yeah! stitch time!  Today I just seemed to be out.. its funny I think, I mean I planned to stay in and stitch and instead I had to drop Han somewhere and then go pick up a few things at the shops.. before I knew it the day had gone!  Sunday WILL be different!  I think I may have a PJ stitch day! ha ha ha now that would be great!

I have been looking around all the amazing blogs.. only a few, goodness there a tonnes out there!  Of the few I looked at and yes joined a few I think they are marvelous.  The things people chat about is great!  I am still new at this whole blogging thing, but really enjoying it.  I look at some blogs, well OK pretty much all of them and I am so inspired to do better its just fantastic.  There are some truly wonderful blogs out there and I hope one day I too become an inspiration to someone.

One thing is clear I love to stitch!  :)

Until Sunday... keep smiling! :)


  1. What lovely gifts you have given Deborah. Ocean Friends is coming on great! You inspire me with your positive attitude. Love it!

  2. @Vickie - Thank you for popping in, you made me smile :)

  3. The RAK you put together was fabulous Jacquie, filled with lots of beautiful goodies. The friendship grows is a beautiful stitched and finished gift.

  4. @Julie - Thank you for your kind words, I did enjoy putting it together. Its hard when your on a tight budget, but I managed and am happy Deborah likes it :) I will slowly put together another one now as I loved the whole process... thank you for popping in :)

  5. Your stitching is beautiful and this will be such a lovely picture to have up on your wall to look at when you're done! I'm a new follower of your blog!

  6. @SoCal Debbie - welcome! hank you so much for dropping in :) I have been stitching all day Sunday (I will post an update shortly) its slow going as there are so many color changes at the bottom. The end is near!

  7. Your RAK goodies were fantastic, Deborah has been spoilt :D Love the project you're working on at the moment... I'm sure I have it in my stash & started it years & years ago... Of course, it's now gathering dust somewhere!! When I see it now, I just want to dig it out :D Have a lovely day sweetie!

  8. @Mii Stitch - Ha ha yes mine was gathering dust as it had been in my cupboard for years.. around 10 I think! ha ha ha I love the colors on it... color is my thing! Dig it out and get stitching! Oh but your projects are beautiful what you do, I really enjoy looking at your stitching.. I was as you know worried about the RAK so am pleased Deborah liked it! Planning my next one! And thank you so much for popping in, I love that you take time to comment on my little blog :)


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