Saturday, 1 March 2014

Saturday 1 st March...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Yes we are now in March!!  I think its passing awfully quick... but that could just be me!?

My day got off to a great start.. the postman brought me a parcel!!  Yipppeeeee love parcels. This parcel was from BzzAgent UK ...

How cute is that tape on the box!! Bzzzzzz

Yes my newest campaign... 

Hmmm interesting I think I may of been sent the wrong box?  Curls.... hmm wavy?!  I can use the Miraculous Recovery serum as it eliminates frizz... yes we can work with that!  And repairs damage... treats split ends and it nourishes.... yes I can work with this one :)

As for the shampoo, conditioner and calming cream... its all for use of hair that has curls... this will not defeat me!! I think I will try it as I want to see what the product smells like and how it feels on my head.  As for the curl part... hmmm I have waves.... ARGH but!  My mum does have curls!! So I guess its a trip to hers for her to be my little test subject! ha ha ha  
This one should be fun!! :)

Today stitchy wise I am working on my surprise to go into the RAK I am putting together... an Easter surprise box!  I hope they dont mind its taking me so long!!  Ah well they would not mind I think as 'they' dont know!! ha hah aa its a surprise after all!!  But yes seriously I do hope they like it... who ever gets it!

Here are the colors....

Food... hmmm food today is an interesting subject.... its just after 1 pm and I have not eaten anything yet!  Just not hungry... 

Maybe something later....

Fresh brown bread with tuna mayo filling..

And look what I got as a treat!! Lucky me!!  It was a little like a bounty with a biscuit on the bottom!

Dinner..... Thought  I needed some veg, a bit of iron intake too... I think I may of over done it slightly! Under all that veg is a jacket potato! ha ha h a.... oh yes! It also has a salmon filet broken up into it too :)

So that is it really!!  


  1. I use the JF straight ahead products.. you've received an expensive parcel today!!! :) Can't wait to find out what is your rak stitching project... Have a lovely sunny day xx

  2. A nice parcel.
    Wondering what your RAK might be, nice colours you've chosen for it.


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