Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tuesday 18 th March 2014...

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Its a late update.. but for a good reason... I have been stitching!  Something for an other stitchy friend.  I tried something I have never done before.. I made a needle holder, I think that is  its name?  Its a shabby spring looking one! ha ha 


Inside... its lined with felt, complete with pink and cream heart pins one side and green and yellow round headed pins the other side.


I tried and this was the outcome!  Its got that used look! ha ha I just hope the lovely lady I have sent it to likes it!?

There is no more progress on my Ocean Friends project as I have been at college for the day.  When I got home I started on the pin holder, looks like tomorrow erm today as its now Wednesday .. oh I think I am confusing myself now!  I think what I am trying to say is I will stitch it hopefully on Wednesday.. but in the evening I have English class.  And EEEkkkk I am doing my presentation! 

Today I had maths... in a way I was not looking forward to it as I had missed 2 lessons when I was ill.  Why is it that I worry so much?  Well I need not of!! The tutor was lovely, and when I explained about having tests done on my head and that there was problems with my working memory he totally was very sympathetic and said to work at my pace.  He believes that I can pass my GCSE, so I should start to listen to him I think!! :)

It was a short post today.. 

But a happy smiley one!  

Until tomorrow .... ( or later!) ha ha 

(Borrowed from Google Images)


  1. Your needlebook is really pretty & I think it looks great for a first attempt! :)
    I have yet to try to make one, this is in my to do list....
    Have a lovely day!!

  2. @Mii Stitch - your so kind :) thank you for dropping by, I hope you too have a lovely day :) x

  3. Good luck with the presentation this morning, hope it all goes well.
    A very pretty and useful gift you sent out, its lovely, well done.

  4. @Julie - Thank you yes I need luck for my presentation! I have all day to dwell on it as its a night class I attend!
    @Stitchersanon - Thank you for popping in, lovely to see you here :) Thank you also for your kind comments... I try :)


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